Saturday, January 20, 2007

MF #2

Issue #2 is finally scanned off. I put MF2 in Dec of 2000. Holy shit I put out 2 issues of MF in one year! Haha. Certainly was way bigger than issue 1, #1 was merely a newsletter. I was laughing at the layout. Lot's of gore, sick porn stuff, dead things etc etc. I forget where I ripped off of some the movie reviews? It was some old horror movie fanzine I know that. Can't recall the name?Though Sean(traitor zine/) contributed his own movie reviews. I really like the cover. I believe the pix of the women was stolen from a comic book!? And the knife I lifted from an old ad for Last House On The Left. I'm thinking I printed up maybe 200 copies of issue 2? Oh, one last thing, Billy from Razorback Recs let me use some old interviews from his old zine The Coven. One was with Sanity's Dawn and the other was with Gut(from 1992) which I scanned. I'm pretty sure Billy never
had these interviews printed in his zine? Could be why I asked to use em'!? I don't remember now.

From top to bottom: MF #2 cover, inside front cover, and back cover