Sunday, April 13, 2008

MF Udates/Playlists/Links/Videos

Ok, so here's the deal. I'm tossing around the idea of doing a couple of special MF mini-issues. These mini-issues would feature 3 interviews and a few pages of reviews(music/film/zines,books. mags) The first one would hit the streets in May just in time for the Maryland Death Fest. Interviews in that issue would be: Rob from Fornicator/Whore/Murder Basket, Trap Them, and Skull Hog(ex-Bile from The Netherlands). The second issue mini-issue would happen just in time for Sacrifice of the Nazarene Child Fest 9 that will happen in Texas in June. Interviews include: Bestial Summoning, Ares Kingdom, and Profanatica. MF 6 is still coming out! Still working on it. I just thought it would be cool to have some new MF zines to bring with me to these shows. It's been close to 4-5 years since I put out an issue. Plus it'll really cut down on the layout/printing/cost of MF6 to have it smaller. I'm thinking about printing up a limited amount of each issue to pass out at the shows. After the shows they will be available for purchase for a few bucks. Nothings set in stone as of yet, I'm just toying with the thought of the special mini-issues. What da think?

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Mania-Armed To The Teeth
Leviathan - Massive Conspiracy Against All Life
Dead Congregation- Death of the archangels
Tombs-Winter 08 demo
Ufomammut - Idolum
Venom-loads of early shit!
Profanatica-new track that will appear on PROFANATICA / NUCLEAR DESECRATION / GOATSODOMY / UNHOLY CRUCIFIX Split 12"LP
M.B. - The Plain Truth
Clown Alley - Circle of Chaos
The Swankys-The Very Best Of Hero

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Next Of Kin-1985

The Van-1974

Death Weekend-1976

Incantation - Golgotha. From the Cell Black Bensalem, PA March 9th, 1992

Living Death Live

Treblinka - Hail To Cruelty live at Kafé 44, Stockholm 08/01/26. The line-up for this show consisted of the three original members "Emetic", "Juck The Ripper" and "Najse Auschwitzer" + "Hellbutcher" & "Tyrant" from Nifelheim

Catalogs, Newsletters, Postcards, Show Tickets from the past

Thought it would be a neat and a nice change of pace of an upload. I came across a few boxes full of old catalogs, postcards, newsletters etc. I can't believe I hang onto to this junk. Tell ya what I had alot of fun looking through and scanning of this stuff. I hope you enjoy as well.

Postcard from William Bennett(Whitehouse)1998

Darkwave catalog 1994