Monday, April 09, 2012

Reviews By Janet (4-9-12)

Necro-Erotic Narcotica – Cold Hearted Communion cassette (self-release)

Talk about the perfect marriage of conceptual and audio degeneracy, Sadomasokiller (aka Necro-Erotic Narcotica) brings together the heinous and detailed nature of sexual sadism, serial killer worship, classic industrial stomping beats fused with grind blast beats, electro vomiting pornogrind vocals , and lots of screaming victims. “Skinned, Slashed and Fondled” begins with a detailed confession of a man who takes his victims out into a wooded area, skins them, and your imagination can take it from there. After the initial graphic introduction there are a few more intense audio clips of serial killer commentary, but overall it’s industrial gore-grind mayhem and I LOVE it. “In the Eye of Homicide” takes a simple Front 242-esque structure and rhythm combination but adds just the right dosage of putrid flesh and bit of Reclusa sludge/industrial electronic manipulation to bring to life what sounds like a cyber-wolf on stimulants mangling corpses. The entire first side of the cassette, Side A, goes through the layering of TV/documentary/film audio clips in and around pulsing and explosive bouts of industrial beats meets grindcore with an animalistic vocal twist. The crafting of each track is very deliberate and creates something intense and brings some skill into brutality and perversion. There’s nothing “raw” here, expect maybe nerves of those unaccustomed to this sort of thing, the sound is clean and the details and timing in each track is precise like a scalpel incision across the wrist. Like Reclusa, Necro-Erotic Narcotica perfects the art of obscene, intense, unusual, and extreme metal meets industrial. This is not programmed Atari psychosis and noise crap… this stuff is crafted using guitars, bass, and electronic effects, so it’s an actual extension of a perverted and creative mind. Side B consists of remixes of 5 tracks from side A, which are just as wicked and gruesome as their originals. From what I gather, this is either gone already or there is still one copy left available from Degenerate Slime Distro. There is also a split with another act that’s worthy of picking up if you miss this one.

Cemetery Piss – Rest In Piss cassette (Vaginal Apocalypse Productions 2012)

As if the name, cover art, AND label weren’t enough to convey exactly what this sounds like then here’s a bit of extra help for you. “Rest in Piss” is a rusty nail coated in fuming sulfuric acid being driven through the base of your spine, pinning you in bloody agony to a rotted wooden stake torn apart form the coffin from which this blackened horror piss fest arose from. Expect plenty of black metal percussive blasting and scathing vocals of punkish black angst and a hint of necrophilic regurgitation in the smell wafting off the track in yellow fumes. “Faith in Bloodshed” is more of a down-tuned and gritty razor attack of distorted metallic punk riffs and vocal offensive that also contains some respectable black metal melodies and haunting demonic vocal shrieking. You’ll feel some Darkthrone, and a few other things familiar, if that sells this for you, but honestly it really sells itself once you hear the damn thing loud and clanging. There’s some blastbeats here and there to help with those who demand their metal only be “brutal”, and for a cassette EP containing only four tracks there is a gang raped anus full of diseased jizz and urine scalding hatred and virility that you’ll need a full recovery and medical attention after the experience.

Limited to 100 copies!!!! So grab one quick from Hells Headbangers or VAP directly at

FYI: if you’re a noise/power electronics fan then check out VAP release by Raseri and also keep a look out for upcoming releases from Reclusa and Nekrofilth (had that killer release of Hells Headbangers not too long ago). So expect more news from this sewage crawler in regards to the VAP bowel movements to come.

Hellvetron – Death Scroll of Seven Hells and it’s Infernal Majesties (Hells Headbangers 2012)

Somedays I get through so many reviews that I actually get a block so here I’m just gonna go with short and potent. Hellvetron has to be one of the more gruesome and archaic sounding black doom death metal encounters that I’ve had to date. So consider yourself warned, Hellvetron is NOT your average HHR release or extreme metal release, it’s not something to listen to, it’s some seriously anal retorting sulfur pumes of evil incarnated that cannot fit description. The entire experience of Death Scroll of Seven Hells… is a cataclysmic pit of Hell. Starting out with the painfull agony and haunting supernatural wails of condemned souls, “Sheol-Grave of Supernals” literally conveys the sounds of human bones beating on stretched human skin drums, still moist enough to be tunable and from recent victims, as a kingdom of infernal beings rejoices in a bath of blood. The vocals are vomitous, wretched, and loathing, the drums are primitive and gruesome, and the guitar has that diesel engine rumble tone that redefines evil, in fact, I’d even swear that it makes me think of murder as on “Titahion – Foul Eaters of the Clay of Death”. Speaking of “Titahion – Foul Eaters of the Clay of Death”, there’s literally a sense of murder in every aspect of the song. About halfway through there’s a sense of feasting/cannibalism and similarities in sound and atmosphere to In slaughter Natives briefly.“Bar Shasketh – Fathomless Pit of Destruction” is a nice break from “Titahion…” as it comes in with some buzzing bastardized black metallic punk riffs to break up the heavy atmosphere of what does feel like a fathomless pit, all red and black…blood, shadows, and char. I honestly haven’t heard too many bands that can capture such a realistic portrayal of Hell as Hellvetron does. Death Scroll of Seven Hells… is a 25- minute journey paying homage to the Qliphotic Tree of Death and accurately depicts the ideas behind it and all that it contains and by far one of the best conceptual portrayals of evil done in a black metal type style. Not only is this an essential listen, it’s a landmark of how far a band can push extremes and scare the living and dead shit out of people in the process. If your parents warned you about the “Devil’s Music” they were absolutely indirectly referring to Hellvetron. I can’t even think of a single band/act right off hand that sounds like Hellvetron in all aspects, this shit is truly unique.Fans of: Profanatica, Antediluvian, Cultes Des Ghoules, Inquisition, Malpeste, Beherit, Sperm of Antichrist

Proclamation – Nether Tombs of Abaddon (Nuclear War Now)

Usually I save the “ugliest” and “most vile” black metal titles for Profanatica, but Spains Proclamation have now tied for both with the repulsive and violent vomit on Nether Tombs of Abaddon. My only complaint is that I can’t listen to it enough to fully absorb all of it’s heinous obscenities, it’s too full of blast beat chaotic drumming and vocal spasms leaching the life from the soil and air from the pull of hatred and repugnancy. At first listen there are similarities in tone and entropic atmosphere to Profanantica, Prosanctus Inferi, Antediluvian…there’s the maniacal heretic lyrics spewed forth like puke and bile to display outward disgust ad offense toward all things “holy”, clamoring drums, and the diesel engine rumbling tone to the guitars. Outside of that, it’s really just spontaneous blackened death metal, very primitive and revolting, as it should be. The vocals courtesy of “Usurper of Eternal Condemnation and Inverted Crucifixion” resemble a cross between the “mouth filled with blood animal barking “ of Autopsy (Chris Reiffert) and a chopped up/interrupted Cultes des Ghoules/Svartsyn/Profanatica amalgam, in other words “if it doesn’t splatter all over you then it’s not worth listening to”. On “Psalms of Mortification” the vocals sound a bit like the vocalist is being possessed and switching between himself and his visitor from Hell, it’s impressive because it not only suits the sound but it also relays the evil content and adds an extra rotten filmy layer of horror and death. Between “Psalms…” and “Christ Death Ceremony” Hell is literally given an enema and it’s colon contaminates are unleashed upon thee as an eruption of viral feces, bits of the rotten carcasses of the damned, and a smell so foul that the sky even begins to turn black and the ground caves in on itself withering like a prune.“Nether Tombs of Abaddon” is a straight ahead thrashy rhythmed blackened death stab to the throat, there’s no warning or lead in, it’s just a swift aggressive move that results in a bloody mess. There’s even a ragged and rusty solo quickly busted out amidst the pummeling sounds and the vocal sounds of hocking up a massive phlegm wad onto the victim crossed with fits of pure zombified saliva and human remains belches of death. The church bell tone and monk chants combined with this initial nuclear blast riffing that literally slows down like a record slowing down to stop until it completely stops on “Regurgitated Bibles” sounds like an explosion heard played backwards, then after the stop the place literally goes up in flames with the band kicking in full force thereafter. There’s so much ugliness on here, you can actually feel influences from early Darkthrone, Mayhem, Incantation, Cianide Beherit, Possession, Celtic Frost, and various classic Swedish death metal essentials especially in the buzzing “diesel engine” riffing and the blasting aggression of the percussion that’s unsophisticated but gets the job done to drill a hole straight through your head with a scalding red hot screw. If it’s vile, heavy, down tuned, vulgar, hate fueled, and essential…then it’s here and in excess so lovers of the repulsive and ear-raping awesome rejoice and wallow in the cesspool of Hell, i.e. the Nether Tombs of Abaddon.

Out now on both vinyl and CD formats from Nuclear War Now Productions!!!!

Available from any proper extreme metal provider (Hells Headbangers, Deathgasm, Dark Descent, Abyss, etc.)