Saturday, December 20, 2008

Last BLOG for 2008!

Time to bring you guy's up to speed on MF 6 before the year is over. The following interviews are done. Just have to do the layouts. They are:

Bestial Summoning

Cirth Ungol


The Rita
Ares Kingdom

Robert Morgan(Director of Cult 70's Drive in flick Bloodstalkers)

The Haters(unpublished interview from 2002)

Mortuary Drape(Unpublished interview from 1994)

The following bands/individuals have agreed to be interviewed. Need to send questions out to the following:

Your Kids On Fire/Elders Of The Apocalypse

Force Of Darkness



Bong Ripper

Hypo Christians/Thy Feeble Savior


Destructive Industries

*This list subject to change!
I'm also considering contacting the following for interviews:

Roman Torment

Father Befouled

Hermann Kopp(responsible for the Nekromantik soundtracks)

Romano Scavolini(Italian director made famous for his 1981 film Nightmare aka Nightmares In A Damaged Brian)

Let's talk about reviews for sec. I'm a bit overwhelmed by the amount of releases I have yet to go through. I have shit from 3-4 ago waiting to be reviewed. I'm thinking I should just post older reviews on the MF Blogspot and reserve the newer stuff for print in MF 6. Don't be suprised to see it happen. I hate the idea of doing something like that but to save time and space I think it's a good idea at this point. I don't forsee reviews ever being posted consistently here. At least I hope not. MF is not and will never a webzine!

Cool Pix(Thanx to Rob Fornicator)

Horna-Nov 08 Live from Portland OR.

Blood Freak-Oct 08 Live from Portland OR.

Links to check out:


http://www. flickr. com/photos/headovmetal/2920724766/in/pool-enslaved
Mega CHEERS to Steph for posting my Enslaved tour pix from their US 1995 tour on this, her site. Go check it out. Especially if your a fan of the band.

New Impetigo Longsleeves:
Mark just dropped me a line letting me know about these. Check em' out. Thanx for the trade Mark!

Bands/Zines/Labels To Check Out:


Necrovation - Breed Deadness Blood
Morne-Demo 2008
Hermann Kopp-Under A Demons Mask
Master's Hammer-The Fall Of Idol
Acid Witch-Witchtanic Hellucinations
Marianne Faithful-Broken English
David Galas-The Cataclysm
Crypticus-They Called Me mad
Satyricon- The Age Of Nero
Virus-The Black Flux
Guns And Roses-Chinese Democracy
Blasphemic Cruelty-Devils Mayhem
Bohren & Der Club Of Gore - Dolores
80s Dance Party-3 disc set
John Duncan-John See Soundtracks
corpus rottus (u.s.a.) - rituals of silence
Napalm Death - Time Waits For No Slave
Trap Them - Seizures in Barren Praise
Nightbringer-Death And The Black Work
Blod-My Beloved Daughters
Incapacitants-As Loud As Possible
Johnathan Briley-Darker profits
Schimpfluch-Gruppe&Peeled Hearts Paste-Live In Nippon 7' 1998
Hum of the Druid-Raising the New Wing / Braided Industry LP
Dog Holocaust-Vol. I-III
Haemorrhaging Fetus-Procreation: A Disease / Tangled Desires LP

Sick Flicks:

Strange Circus

Don't Open Till Christmas

Simon King Of The Witches

Once Upon A Time In Norway

The Incredible Melting Man

Rescue Dawn

The Video Dead

Evil Sex Trap

Rock Bitch(Sex. Death. Magik)

Christmas Evil(1980) Director Lewis Jackson!

Found this cool interview and thought I'd share. Cos, after all tis the season of giving and sharing...muhahahahhaha! Enjoy. Originally in Videoscope magazine #14(2007). I sometimes find myself liking Christmas Evil just as much as Slient Night, Deadly Night.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

And To All, A Good Night...

Splatter: Holiday In Hell special No.1 1994
Published by: NorthStar Comics

Rudy Ray Moore(Dolemite) Passes

"It is with great sadness that I report the passing of a true entertainment legend and friend, Rudy Ray Moore, on Sunday, October 19, 2008 due to complications from diabete" taken from the official Rudy Ray Moore website

Although I heard and knew the name Dolemite in passing it wasn't until the early-mid 90's that I really took an interest in Rudy Ray Moore's character. Thanks in part to an interview that appeared in Mark Jason Murray's excellent and defiantly missed fanzine Shocking Images. Not only did Jason's interview open my eye's to Dolemite, but the whole Blackexpoliation genre itself. A few years back apoun accuring Dolemite finally on DVD, I screend the movie for friends. They absolutely loved the film. What will alway's stick out in mind about that viewing experience of Dolemite with friends then, were the comments made by my buddies. "I didn't know black people called each other the "N" word back then. Hahahhaha. Yeah, I said " Where do you think it all started".

Below is part 2 of the Dolemite interview from issue 4 of Shocking Images(circa 1994). I swore I had the first part from issue 3? Can't seem to locate it though.