Thursday, December 03, 2009

RIP Paul Naschy 1934-2009

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Paul Naschy, often referred to as 'the Spanish Lon Chaney' has lost his battle with cancer at the age of 75.

Naschy's career began in the 60's when he created the werewolf character Waldemar Daninsky, a character that he played in over 12 films. While Naschy is primarily known for his films from the 60's through the 80's (titles like Dr. Jekyll vs. the Werewolf, Horror Rises From the Tomb and Panic Beats), Naschy never stopped working (writing, directing, producing, acting) right up until his death. In 2004, Naschy wrote and starred in a semi-autobiographical film called Rojo Sangre about an 'older', down on his luck actor.

I had the good fortune of meeting Mr. Naschy several years ago, and even though he spoke very little English, his warmth and appreciation for his fans was greatly appreciated.

If you've never seen a Paul Naschy film, now is the best time to dig in, some of his best films have been released on DVD and Blu-ray (with more to come), so seek them out. It's sad to say we lost a good one today, but his work will live on, now more than ever. R.I.P.

Old Naschy interview from 1994.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Old Tiamat Interview

Interview conducted by Doug in 1996/97. Around the time "Deeper Kind Of Slumber" came out. Intended for Children Of Caine #3(pre-Mental Funeral zine). Unpublished till now.

RIP Joe Papa(Controlled Bleeding)

Tonight I received news that Joe Papa died in his sleep from a massive heart attack. It seems unreal to me at this moment...How can it be that I will never see him again, never hear his voice on the phone?? My true friend, whom I so loved is gone...He was childlike in his gentleness and innocence, without any trace of deceit or malice. Joe lived for music and loved life. Christ, I will miss him...Truly, "he was the forest to this hart"...