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METHADRONE interview

Live from NJ 9-24-04

Interview with Craig we did a few years back. New cd
"Better Living (through chemistry)" 11-song CD (ConSouling Sounds) " out now.

Methadrone interview for Mental Funeral #6

1) Hello Craig, why don’t we start of things with the latest happening with Methadrone. How far from complete is the new full-length album "STERILITY"? The “Self Relinquishment” track on the Methadrone Myspace page from the new album is amazing. How did you hook up with ex-LYCIA bassist, David Galas to do guest vocals and on that song and on “Continuum of Decline”? Also, I hear new sounds(vocals/acoustic guitar) being incorporated into the new tracks from the upcomming cd. Will STERILITY suprise Methadrone fans with a new sound direction?
The new cd is in its final finishing stages. All the music is done, and most of the vocals as well. I just need to finish up vocals on a song or 2.David Galas (Lycia) has contributed vocals on 'Self Relinquishment' and 'Continuum of Decline' and he did and amazing job of it! I hooked up with David through e-mails and sent him my last cd 'Retrogression' that he liked very much. I mentioned if he'd like to contribute vocals on some new Meth tracks and he happily agreed to my suprize and gratitude.I started using other sounds on the new cd, acoustic guitar, other synth sounds and vocals to broaden the sound spectrum and to elaborate more on the moods im portraying in the songs.Doing the 2-Bass,1-guitar arrangement on 'Retrogression' was good for that cd, but using just those instruments on 'Sterility' would not work I think.

2)Tell us about the Menthadrone Euro tour with Stero Christ. How did it go? Favorite citites, countries you played? Do a lot of site seeing?
The Stereochrist/Methadrone European tour was a blast. We got along well with Stereochrist and most of the tour was great promotion for Meth. I was able to see 2 countries I've never seen, Hungary and Slovakia which was great to see and learn about the history of.Especially about the socialist takeover of those countries. To this day you can still see the aftermath of the Socialist domination that was inflicted onthose countries. I have no favorite country in Europe, I like them all for their history, culture and people.Unfortunately we did not do to much sightseeing because
of the tight touring schedule we were on, but nonetheless we had a great time

3) The METHADRONE concept was conceived in '97 after the break-up of WOMB but you actuallly didn’t release anything under the Methadrone moniker until much later. How come? Was this a time of writing and rehearsing the Methadrone sound? I assume this is the time frame when Randi Stokes came into the camp? Though Randy only plays bass live with Methadrone, correct?
Well after the 2-bass Womb project, I wanted to keep that sound going but was starting to experiment alot with synthetic sounds, such as electronic drums,synths, and samples. Actually the idea manifested into a totally different project called Sturmfuhrer that I did for a couple years until I started picking up the Bass again in '03.

4) I remember being throughly impressed with the "Erroneous Enlightenment" 6-song promo cdr that you passed along to me at the Maryland Death Fest back in 04. Methadrone came across as some sort of bastardized doomed version of Winter, Lycia, and The Swans. Share with us musically and non musically the influences on yourself and Methadrone.
Those above mentioned bands were for sure an influence on me and perhaps the sounds of Methadrone.But since the start I just wanted to write what came totally natural to me, as well as experimenting more with the 2-basses/effects, and now acoustic guitar with different synth sounds. My taste in music varies,but I guess you can say most of my musical pleasures pertain to the obscure and experimental.

5) What brought about the idea of using 2-bass guitars to form the core of the Methadrone sound? I’m curious as to the synthetic drum samples. Do you use them intentionally or is it out of necessity? On each release thus far you seem to use or incorporate a new sound/instrument wether it be minimal ambient key sounds, guitar highlights and vox and now recently the addition of acoustic guitar. Any thoughts in mind what may be next?
The 2-basses was a direct result of an unfinished Womb sound. And the synthetic drums are more of choice rather than necessity. The synthetic sound has more depth and can be manipulated/recorded easier than conventional drums. After 'Sterility' is said and done, who knows what other sounds/instruments I may incorporate into the Meth sound structure.

6) Lets talk about the name Methadrone and the concepts and or images connected to song titles and music being made. Is there a concept behind Methadrone? The song titles hint at subjects of addiction, isolation, self destruction/discovery, and also at depression. Are the sounds and construction of Methadrone’s music seen as self-therapy for yourself?
Absolutely, I couldn't have said it better... It's defiantly a self story, that has its therapeutic intentions. The analog tape to which I record is my canvas, and my lifeline.

7) Your previous bands Womb and Disciples Of Mockery were both the pre-cursor for Methadrone. I recently went back and listened to the split cd(out on Nechroharmonic Productions). The material still holds up really well. I forgot how great both bands were. What are your thoughts on both bands nowaday’s? Ever thought about going back and doing either?
D.O.M. was a project created as a direct result of Me,Jim,and Ronny leaving Incantation. We all felt that chapter was not over yet.. and D.O.M. was the continuation of that result. And we have no intention of continuing that chapter called D.O.M. I feel that is now closed. As for Womb, that project kind of ended too quickly and I guess you could say Methadrone is a continuation of Womb with alot of differences... There are some unreleased Womb tracks that I would like to release sometime. As for Womb getting back together, I doubt it, but you never know...

8) Tell us about the your dark ambient project STURMF√úHRER. Musically much in the vein of LAIBACH and LUSTMORD. I read that the name along has caused some controversy. Is there a strong political ideology behind the project and music?
Sturmfuhrer has no political agenda what so ever.The sound and titles may lead someone to think otherwise, that’s not the case. The sounds and ideas utilized for Sturmfuhrer are a dark page in history that I felt had to be expressed. History is essencial for survival. 'A man who has no sense of history, is like a man who has no ears or eyes'...

9) Congrads on joining the ranks of Evoken! Taking over on bass, correct? What’s the latest news concerning a new record, shows etc? Howabout Goreaphobia? I thought at one point you had become a member? Did you not play/recorded with Ceremonium? Any other projects/bands in the works?

Yes I am plying Bass for Evoken which is going well.We just recorded a new album for 'I Hate Records'(Sweden) titled - 'A Caress of the Void' which should be out in a couple months. We would like to do a European tour in support of the new release sometime in '08. As for Goreaphobia, I had done vocals with them for 1-show and that was it. I was never officially in the band, just having fun with longtime friends.Some years before Goreaphobia I did play Bass with Ceremonium, for 1-show only as well, I did not record anything with Ceremonium whatever the cd may say, I just helped out my good friends as well.Evoken and Methadrone are the only things I am doing at the moment, but I do plan to finish a cd with a dark/ambient project I am doing with Jason Wallach (Unquiet Void) called Vizionz sometime in the future.Vizionz has some tracks up on .Tara Vanflower (Lycia) has also contributed vocals on a couple tracks that will be featured on the Vizionz cd as well.

10) I didn’t want to dwell too much on your pass in Incantation but I thought it would be a good idea to at least ask you about your thoughts and feelings about the time spent in Incantation especially since Relapse records is re-releasing Onward To Golgotha. Did you have any idea when making Onward To Golgotha is would become such a classic death metal record? What are some of your fondest memories from that era as far as recording, gigs, bands, friends, etc. I have a promo tape of Onward To Golgotha before it actually came out and the recording blows away the one on the actual release!? Even seeing you guy’s live during that era(1990-1992) you where so much heavier live then on record. What happen? Where you guy’s happy with the production when Onward To Golgotha came out? As for the re-release, can you tell us what exactly is gonna be on it? I assume it’s gonna be re-mastered?
Incantation was a very satisfying chapter that I really enjoyed being apart of. Back in '94 I had departed Incantation on a bad note, but now I still keep in contact with John M. and wish him the best with Incantation! Actually Jim and I had a reunion show with John M/Incantation at this past Milwaukee Metal Fest. During the 'Onward..' days we were young and hungry to play as much as possible which we did numerous shows and tours. As far as the 'Onward..' recording I was never that happy with the production, but was happy with the performance.. we had no idea it would get so much recognition as it did, but we are grateful.The re-release has a bonus DVD included with 3 live shows from the 'Onward..' days. I had to go through hours of video tape to find the best 3 shows. Despite the low-fi VHS taping, that was done in those days we were ok with those shows as a cool extra for the fans.And yes 'Onward..' was re-mastered but its not to much of a difference...

Thanks for the interview Bill! All the best to you!!


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