Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Me Of X-Mas Past

Here's it is Christmas Eve 2007. I watch as my nephews excitement mount as they anxiously await the arrival of Satan Claus. I take time to reflect on Christmas's of old.That thinking has lead me to present to you the top Christmas gifts from my childhood. In no particular order. Star Wars, GI JOE, Dungeon and Dragons, and Eagle Force. Ah, fond memories. I actually still own a great deal of mine and my brothers GI JOE collection. Some are a bit worse for wear as now my nephews play with them nowadays. I even manged to hold onto a few Dungeon And Dragons figures as well. Sadly I buried the original Star Wars figures and play sets in the our sandbox the following summer. Stupid, stupid, stupid! Wish I had some of those Eagle Force guy's. I'm not sure how many kids had and or remember that shit from the early 80's? Die cast metal army figures. They were small though and so were their accessories that my brother and I always lost. Mighty Men And Monster Maker set was the shit. I loved that thing. You choose a combination of head, torso, and leg plates, and stack them in this little tray together. Then put a piece of paper on top and rub over it with this black crayon thing to give you a nice comic-book-looking line drawing of your creation, which you can color appropriately. I use make all kinds of awesome monsters, mutants, freaks, and superhero's. I had to throw in the KISS solo records cos those LP's were the first pieces of vinyl let alone music I owned. At 8 years old I wasn't into the music so much as I was the image of KISS. Nevertheless those LP's layed the ground work for the future hard rock/heavy metal freak I was and still am.

I scanned off some old pix too of myself from Christmas past. The first one is from 1973. That's myself and mom. My first Christmas. The second is 1978 at my cousins house. Check out the X-Wing fighter in the corner and the Batmobile in my hand. That last pix is from 1983. Christmas at my house at the time.

I wanted to include some X-MAS movies to check out. I didn't bring up the same old same old so instead I came up with a few new modern Christmas themed flicks. The first is Wind Chill. Which I was surprised I liked but did. Rather in creepy in spots. I thought it was a cool and effective supernatural horror flick. Next The Lookout. Not horror at all but a crime/heist flick. Nice ending.

Merry Christmas!


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Dennis Dread said...

Mighty Men & Monster Maker! I LOVED that toy when I was a kid! Hadn't thought of it in like 25 years...haha. Thanks for the memories.