Friday, February 27, 2009

Blood, Sweat, and Beers...The Indy Wrestling Scene.

Wrestling, what the fuck? Chill. Just mixing things up a bit. I was inspired after watching the movie The Wrestler on the big screen to locate, scan, and post my wrestling pix from the various indy wrestling events I've attended going as far back as 1998 with ECW. I grew up a wrestling fan in the early 80's. Fond memories of weekends as a kid watching WWF, World Class Championship Wrestling, NWA, AWA on WWOR Channel 9(NJ), MSG channel, TBS, and ESPN. I really don't follow the big wrestling companies anymore but my passion for indy wrestling has lived on to this day. The following pix are from various wrestling events I've attended and photographed from 1998-2003. Starting off is Terry Funk and Sabu from 3PW wrestling a now defunct company out of Philly. I believe I snapped those pix in 2001/2002!? at a show in Philly. A brutal battle between Homicide and Steve Corino are the next four pictures your looking at. I took those at a ROH(Ring Of Honor) show that came to my home state(CT) back in August of 03. Next up are ECW photos from a show that took place at a US military armory in Hartford CT around 99/2000. pix 1. Rob Van Damn vs. Spike Dudley, pix 2. Action from RVD vs. Spike, pix 3. The whole fucking show! pix4. Sabu vs. Justin Credible, pix 5. Lance Strorm vs. Jerry Lynn, pix 6. Bubba Ray Dudley and then manager Joel Gertner, pix 7 My first live ECW show back in 1998 at the Sting in New Britain CT. I actually caught a piece of the fire extinguisher used in the match between New Jack and Sandman. Hung out with RVD before the show next door to the club at Subway. Cool as fuck and funny dude! Anyway, in the picture are Balls and Axel, Tommy Dreamer and Beulah. The rest of the pictures are from a local CT indy wrestling company called ACW(Assault Championship Wrestling). The company is now known as DPW(Defiant Pro Wrestling). Back in the ACW days the company was half partnered with former ECW star Jason Knight. It's was bascially a low budget form of ECW. The pictures I posted took place between the months of 5/03-8/03 in the back of Riders Cafe, a biker bar in Waterbury CT. I posted who's under each picture.

  • 3PW

  • ROH

  • DPW

  • Balls Malhony Smashing Faces

    Ron Zombie Bloody

    Balls Absorbing Blows

    Ron Zombie On The Ropes

    Ron Zombie And Spiked Bat

    Ron Zombie Big Elbow On Trash Can

    Avail Graves High Flying

    Aval Graves Super Kick

    Aval Graves vs. Cowboy From Hell 1

    Aval Graves vs. Cowboy From Hell 2

    Spider(in red) RIP 1

    Spider(in red) RIP 2

    Spider(in red) RIP 3

    Chris Hamrick vs. Johnny Thundar

    Slyck Wagner Brown vs. Tony Devito

    Jason Knight Crimson Mask

    Hardcore Ladies

    He's A Fuckin Mess 1

    He's A Fuckin Mess 2

    Ron Zombie Takes A Big Right Hand

    Zombie va. Graves

    Balls vs. Zombie

    Zombie Staring In The Crowd

    Balls vs. Graves

    Balls, Zombie, Graves

    More Slyck and Devito

    More Balls, Zombie, Graves

    Over The Top

    Cut Wide Open

    Zombie With The Chair

    Zombie Off The Top Of The U-haul

    ACW Battle Royal

    Sandman 1

    Sandman 2

    Thumb Tack Bat Attack

    Justin Credible Puts Graves Through A Table

    Graves Still Standing!

    "Morbid Tales"

    Brutal Chair Hit Coming

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