Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Ripper Comix #1 2000

Came across this in an envelope stashed away in a pile of old zines. I vaguely remember getting this in the mail back in 2000. Anyway, I recently read an a very cool article on Mexican comics on-line(http://www.henryjenkins.org/2007/05/ghetto_libretto.html) and it prompted me to scan off the first 10 pages of Jack The Ripper Comix #1. Maybe a little Dennis Dread influence!?

The artists is a guy named Jack Ortiz. Jack was the original singer for the LA band Entety. His vocals are featured on the bands first demo Eviscerated Then Mummificated(1991). More info on Jack, Entety, and Jack The Ripper Comix can be found below.



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