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Old MercyFul Fate/King Diamond Interviews/Live Clips


it has nothing to do with the KKK or similar, nothing at all, but open fire on stage gives them something special. [cut scene]
KD: people abroad (outside denmark)gives themselves more to the music. their reaction to the music and the message is more vivid. much more vivid.
and that was when...

Q: a scare?
KD: yeah, scare they get a little bit frightened from time to time during the show, because it minded for some other senses, and it will give them a greater experience, rather than just standing, listening.... Q: how do you do that?
KD: f.ex we burn crosses on stage, which, i've been told after concerts, gives people a very special feeling.

what is it symbolic for?
A: it has an ancient purpose, which is a greeting to the concecrated, but now it's more like a symbol of satanism - the goat and its two horns. [cut scene]
KD: there must be a show, something visiual, and we try to titulate even more senses, not only the visual and sound, but also feelings...we would like to give people a little scare. it gives something extra, also when they're at home listening to the record...ah, this was when this happened and that was when...

it's a satanic ritual by which we bid Satan welcome to our concerts, to fill the room with his presence, so he can enjoy what we do, together with the crowd. [cut scene]

Q: in danish concerts you aften see the crowd standing with their right arm raised, waving to the rhythm of the music...(KD: yes, with this sign)... what is it symbolic for?
I write of my great interests, i don't want to write about motorcycles and such. my main interest after music is the occult. [cut scene]

KD: then we have a book. it's the satanic bible (bible of lavey?). i always carry it with me on tour, and its always on our altar..also one of the ingredients of our shows. and another thing from the altar, we have on the front these two crossed goosefeathers. we sprinkle them with blood on stage... blood we tap from one of our roadies.

Here's another rare peice of interview footage taken during Mercyful Fate's "Don't Break the OATH" era

King answers the burning question: What ever happened to Melissa? Rare "Don't Break the Oath" tour footage. Incomplete, but majority of "Gypsy" song performed live.

This footage appeared on Danish T.V. and was originally edited together with an interview King recorded with Danish reporters

In this rare clip taken from an old BBC music program which aired in the mid 80's, King Diamond talks about the Mercyful Fate split-up and his new album, "FATAL PORTRAIT."

King, Michael, Timi, Andy & Mikky tear up Blondies in Detroit in the summer of 86!!!

King & his new band at their first show - a metal fest in Holland in April of 86.

Fucking awesome performance of King Diamond and his band, at Aardschokdag, Holland (20-4/86).

In one of the earlier interviews he gave without his stage make-up, The King talks about his bands' new album: "ABIGAIL." This interview took place somewhere in the U.K. just before the start of the American Tour

King Diamond - Abigail - Live at The Stone, San Francisco California 8/3/87

King Diamond - The Invisible Guests - Live at NRG Club, Houston, Texas - 9/29/88

King Diamond - Sleepless Nights - Live - Flint, Michigan - 11/2/89

Early King Diamond Interview from the bootleg CD called House of Satan.

1989/1990 King Diamond interview on Danish TV

1989/1990 King Diamond interview on Danish TV

King Diamond - Victimized - Live in Tilburg 2/17/90

King Diamond - At The Graves - Live - Sports Palace, Barcelona - 3/3/90

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