Tuesday, January 12, 2010

SCAR OO4: Scorched-Earth "Mars" OUT NOW!

A bit late in posting, but got a new release on my cassette label NoVisible scars: http://www.myspace.com/novisiblescarslabel http://nvslabel.blogspot.com/

-4th full length recording.
- Cover artwork drawn by Sean McGrath (Impaled/Ghoul/Engorged)www.myspace.com/digestorart
-Mastered and pressed on c-108 red chrome 24Cr tapes. Packaged with is a Scorched-Earth 1' logo pin and 4X4 patch(of "Mars" cover album artwork)
-Inspired by: The old school spirit, a filthy sound, and an unrelenting black/thrash attack. Think Venom, Bathory, Motorhead, Destroyer 666, Blasphemy.
-Available: 45/100 copies.
-Price: $10.00world. $1 more for Paypal.
Price is postpaid.

Scorched-Earth had its origins in the one-man band project Nazgul, founded by Terry McCorriston in 1994. After one demo, "Under Blood Red Eyes", the band's name was re-christened "Scorched-Earth" in 1995 and McCorriston set out to form a full band to fully express S-E's Metal Of Extermination. After several line-up changes, their first CD "Thy Kingdom Crushed" was recorded in 1999 with the line-up of Terry on guitar and vocals, Scott Sanders on drums, Mike Kapsiak on guitar and Sanford Johnson on bass. Released in early 2000, it met with favor in the underground and is now sold out. Drawing from the cult thrash feel as well as modern Death Metal influences, "Thy Kingdom Crushed" stood alone in its uniqueness and ruthlessness.
After going through some lineup changes, the band recorded and released "Gods, Kings, and Conquerors" in 2003. This time out they were a three piece, with new drummer Joshua Hanenburg stepping into the fold. "Gods, Kings, and Conquerors" was even more vicious than the previous CD, and fans received it like rabid wolves. Scorched-Earth then played many shows in the US and Canada in support of this album, alongside the likes of Impaled, Exhumed, Dragonlord, Nevermore, Severed Savior, Anal Blast, Dreams Of Damnation, Serpens Aeon, and Drawn and Quartered. Ted Cohn was then recruited to join in on guitar, and the band set out on desecrating the West Coast on the Swarm of Eternal Blackness tour with Kult Ov Azazel, Teratism, and Sumeria.
Scorched-Earth's third album entitled "Devils In Iron" encompassed all the death/thrash traits that the band is know for, but also included new, pervading senses of Doom and Black metal throughput. Songs such as "Gods. Kings & Conquerors" and "Gormenghast" are of epic length, while songs like "Scorched-Earth, Black Wind & Hell Fire" and "War Is Hell(but Combat's a Motherfucker)" are short, direct assaults on the senses.
NVS is proud to announce the release of "Mars" as a limited edition pro-done cassette. Look for "Mars" on CD in early 2010 via the bands own label!

Scorched-Earth is:
Terry McCorriston - Guitar/Vocals
Sanford Johnson - Bass
Joshua Hanenburg - Drums
Ted Cohn - Guitar

More "Mars" tracks posted at: www.myspace.com/hailscorchedearth

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