Monday, April 26, 2010

NAMAZU DANTAI-Nocturnal Veils

New cassette release via my tape label NoVisible Scars:

"2 long maximum harsh noise tracks ala Richard Ramirez, The Rita, Macronympha, The Cherry Point, Sewer Election . Brand new recording done in Oct 2009. Namazu Dantai along with Izanami's Labour Pain, and Mazakon Tactics are all works of German creator Sascha Mendler, who's harsh noise focuses on topics related to Japan, Japanese culture, history or mythology. Pummeling, deep, multi-textured and amazingly hypnotic. Killer noise" Malignant Records

C-30 /50 Copies. $6.00(US/CANADA/MEXICO) $8.00(world). Price is postpaid. Info on how to order here at

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