Thursday, March 24, 2011

SCAR O16: Blessed Offal "Ep 2011" c-30 100 copies

Death/doom/grind ala Repulsion, Autopsy, old Incantation, Disciples Of Mockery, Rottrevore, Funebre, Dead Congregation and Necros Christos. Great production with a thick bass sound and over all cold/empty atmosphere.


Blessed Offal package: 7.25 x 7.25 covers/insert housed in a 7'ep re-sealable bag. 1' logo pin. Mastered on pro manufactured and imprinted(chrome)black cassettes. Album repeats on both sides of the cassette.


"BLESSED OFFAL hails from Boston, USA and takes us, with this EP, into their darkened universe of heavy, and at places doomy, Death Metal. A juggernaut of an evil release with 5 tracks of relentless brutality. The Death Metal scene is on a rise, it's been quite some years since I've come across as many talented bands as I have the last six months - most of them excelling in good old brutal and dark Death Metal without too many modern treats and shenanigans. BLESSED OFFAL is also a purveyor in the oldschool vein, with their blend of grinding madness and doomy and eerie passages, with a dark and guttural growl from deep below, with both emotion, frustration and anger. We are getting thrown through the wall more than once, when the band changes pace from slow and almost droning to blasting and aggressive straight to your face Death Metal. The expression is intense all the way through the 5 tracks and it is hard to stop listening, when one first have entered the realm of BLESSED OFFAL. The band has some touches of the old Swedish Death Metal scene mixed with American Death Metal, though have made their own mark and distinctiveness. It is of course not original as such, it is Death Metal, though not many is or have been doing it as BLESSED OFFAL does it right now. When they go from intense and smashing moments to their atmospheric, heavy and dark as thunderclouds doomy passages, as they almost do in each song, the music and atmosphere become nothing less than jaw dropping. Just listen to the shifts in 'Seasons In Sepulchral Depths' and 'A Means To An End' and the majestic and ominous doom passage in 'Bottomless Grave', if such doesn't get you hooked on this band, nothing does, damn it's well made! Well the great melodic to raw guitar leads, the punishing drumming or the general good use of effective riffing and rumbling bass, could might also get a hook in you, when I think about it! The band has been going since 2004, first as EXSANGUINATION and later that year they changed name into BLESSED OFFAL and do only have one demo as the first, one as the latter and now this EP released, so be sure to pick it up before it is too late, as we can't be sure when we again will be hit with an attack from this monster of a band!"
Anders Peter Jørgensen(Voices From The Dark Side)

Blessed Offal – promo (2011)
"If you’re gonna get your mouth ripped open by massive force until your jaw turns to dust while a titanic dick shoved down your throat chokes you until your skin sags and falls off the dick like a worthless used condom and then your asshole is the last bit to be flicked off of the pole, Blessed Offal is truly the band that’ll do it. I’m an oldschool death metal and doom death metal fanatic, but even this SOB has me shitting myself, it’s blistering, pummeling, raping, mutilating, and as filthy and hideous as the original bands but somehow rips you a different way this time around. Some stuff never gets stale, and crushing, brutal and vulgar is the unholy trinity for me. No time to bend over and grab your ankles here, the 12 minute brutal massacre of “Bottomless and Seasons” that serves as an appropriate opening for this album is a full blown “blitzkrieg” on all of your senses and will have you drawn and quartered, impaled, and decapitated before you realize your totally fucked. Brutal with classic control of rhythms, riffs, leads, solos, and an intense and brazenly evil atmosphere this thing reminds me of my first listening to Incantations “Onward to Golgotha”, it’s so evil and indescribably heavy, but the skill in song writing and the cohesion of the band makes this thing apocalyptically powerful!!!!! If that album still gives you the spins and the “Fight or Flight” mode kicks in, you HAVE to get this thing!!!!! Every death metal, warmonger metal head, and tyrannical lunatic must own this piece of audio violence, it’ll rape your ears and cum shit all over brain!!!! Everything here is classic, essential, and truly redefines brutal and slaughtering metal, you haven’t survived squat if you haven’t been mangled by Blessed Offal!!!!! I have a long list of amazing death metal right now in queue, including Dark Descent’s re-issue of the brutal Swedish band Uncanny and this one pulled me away from that one. It’s a cassette, but get it and look out for this bands upcoming release on Black Mass Records, some stuff just can’t be passed up.The vulgarity was totally called for here so no apologies there folks, it's as wicked as they come."
Janet Willis(Hellride Music)

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