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Hard to believe 2 weeks has gone by since witnessing the Impetigo reunion gig at the Central Illinois Metal Fest. It was such a nostalgic and surreal weekend. This trip had been in the making since I heard about the Impetigo reunion last winter. Last time I saw Impetigo was in 1992 at club Babyhead in Providence Rhode Island. Needless to say my expectations were exceeded. Below is my account of the event day by day.

7-19-07- Finished packing around 7-8pm and knew I had to try n' get some rest before I hit the road for MA. to my buddy Devon's(Decemeber Wolves) house. We were flying out of NH at 6am. Well, I should say we were suppose to fly out at 6am. At 11pm just as I was packing up the car I doubled checked our flight only to be greeted in red by the words cancelled! Fuck me. Big middle to finger to and their customer service when I called to find out more about the cancellation. The stupid bitch was positive the flight was not canceled. I decided to call our airline(Northwestern) and sure enough our flight was canceled. I was bullshit. "We're off to a great start, our weekend is gonna blow" was all I was thinking. The 2 1/2 hour drive went smooth and I was at his house by 4-4:30am. Devon was still asleep and I actually lied down a bit myself. 5:30am rolled around and we hit the road for NH. Man, this airport is totally low key and was pretty much dead. I think they only have 5 airport terminals in all. I was feeling better about the trip already. Even better after Devon and I spotted the chick with pants so low her crack was playing peek a boo with us. We boarded the plane and low n bold miss ass crack with friends and family were seated right in front of us. We had a blast starring at this chicks behind and let me tell you see had no problem showing it us. Not only that we feed us teddy gram crackers too. I have to say Devon and I were both happy we got a later flight cos we had a blast. Within a hour n half we touched down in Chicago's O'Hare airport. Fuck this place is massive and we had(so we thought) 32 minutes to catch our connecting flight to Champaign Ill. Well, the lay over was more like an hour giving us enough time to hit Chiles and get some cocktails and chip's n' salsa. Before we know it we're loaded on the plane and looking at a touchdown time of 28mintues till Champaign. Man, I thought NH airport was low key, damned if the Willard airport wasn't even more. We chilled for a bit and caught a taxi/van service thingy over to our hotel. It was like a scene out of Children Of Corn when viewing the area surrounding the airport. Just corn fields, barns, and an occasional house. After about 15-20 we reached the city and the Super 8 motel, our destination. From outta the corn fields right to the strip malls. We had plenty to choose from for meal/drink options I was thinking. Well the truth be told Devon and I were beat. Devon was up for 2 day's straight and myself it was approaching a day. It was decided to catch an early dinner and hit the hay. So about 4pm thurs afternoon he hit up a place across the street from the hotel called Bob Evans for a bite to eat. Bob Evans was kinda like a mid-west version of Denny's with a fare amount of bbq items. For some reason our waitress thought we were "secret shoppers". We both just laughed. So we pretty much eat went back to the room and crashed hard! Seriously, we must of slept like 14 hours.

7-20-07-I wake up and it's 6:30 fri morning and I'm eating some danish and muffins. Get a ring around 9am from Rob Fornicator that he's on lay-over in Detroit and he'll be meeting up with us at our room soon. Rob arrives eventually and we pretty hang for awhile and get caught up. Rob gets a call from Stevo(Impetigo) informing him that they just finished their last jam and are on their way to the hotel and fest. As luck would have it they are staying across the street from us. We agree to meet later at Impetigo's hotel room. In the meantime we need to go shopping! We have no food, booze, water etc in the room. We find a grocery store a mile or so up the road. Also an a spot for launch. Boston's was the place and they had gourmet pizza. Good shit. It was shit alright. Rob's and myself pizza's sucked. His Bloody Marry tasted like ass. Fuck, we even got our appetizers with our Devon liked his salmon though and got a 32.oz beer! Got a text from my buddy Dustin wishing me a happy birthday. Christ, I had forgotten it was my b-day. I guess I am getting old...haha. Next stop the grocery store. Picked up 2 cases of beer, bottle of JD, water, green tea, snacks, candy, and a cooler. Oh, and a "Boy's Rule" tooth brush for Devon(little inside joke there). Great, we were all set for the weekend. The only problem was there was no way we were gonna be able to carry all this shit a mile down the road to our room without a car. No problem, we stole a shopping cart and Devon wheeled it all the way back. Thanx again Devon! Back at the room and we get the call from Stevo inviting us over to hang. Last time time I talked to Stevo was probably 1998 was I got ahold of him for an interview for MF3. The last time I actually saw him and the Impetigo guy's though was in 1992 at Club Babyhead in Providence RI. That was with Incantation, Phlegm, Headrot, Rottorvore, Repulsion, Deceased, Embalmer, etc. I never actually met or talked to the guy's then so I was damn excited to finally do so at the moment. Stevo stopped us as soon as we hit the parking lot. He and the guy's we outside as well as Stevo's wife. Stevo is so personable and pumped up. So friggen cool and down to earth. It such a pleasure to meet face to face. Over comes Mark and we all do the introductions. Mark is exited you can tell and yet so layed back. I believe he had on a killer Apocalyptic Raids t-shirt on too. So, there we are all in Stevo's room just chilling and knocking back some beers. It was great to hear Rob and Stevo go back and forth in conversation. Theses guys have been friends for about 20 years. Rob was at the very first Impetigo show they ever played. And Stevo and Mark at one of the first shows Rob's old band Disciples Of Hate had played. The guy's wanted to make their way to club to see Cardiac Arrest so off they went. We would finally hit up Canopy Club and the show at around 8pm. Right off the bat Rob and I spot Stevo. Stevo introduces us Tom from Cardiac Arrest. Tom use to be in Dogod. I remember writing Tom and getting the "Other Gods" demo back in 1992 from him. Then Stevo introduces me to Kam Lee. Yup, you read that right. Kam Lee!!! Holy shit. I blurted out "Man, last time I saw you Massacre was on tour with Grave and you guy's played in CT at a strip club". That was probably 1992/93. He laughed. Ran into alot of familiar faces from the east coast(Iris, Thomas, Aljeo, Will(Mortician), John Dwyer) before I made my way to stage. I believe Human Artifacts were on stage when I walked it. Kam Lee actually came out and performed
MASSACRE's "Dawn of Eternity"with the band. I really liked the club. It was just the right size, the stage was up high and big. The sound system was awesome too! I caught a few songs from Goregasm and Malignancy before I headed outside for a breather. This when things got damn interesting and oh so fun. After 10 plus years I finally meet Billy from Razorback records hanging outside with Steve Eggs and Matt(Putrid)! Before I know it pictures are being taking and we're all acting like jerks and retards posing for the camera. Yeah, these guy's are the shit. Billy is so super layed back and down to earth, and was totally excited. Speaking of excited, man Putrid was just that. Another super cool chill dude. Pleasure to meet him as well as i totally dig his artwork! Meeting Billy and Matt was a perfect ending to the evening. Before I know it were calling for a cab to get back to the Super 8 not before Rob and I are pissing on the tires of some van parked in front of the club and Devon is dancing in the streets. Yeah, a bit too much to drink...ya think!?. I have to say cheers to the car driver we had going back to the club. This dude was nice enough to bring us to Steak N Shake at 2am for a bite to eat to bring back to the room. Soon enough were back at the room eating, chatting and then fast asleep. Though I woke up Devon and Rob quite a bit as I was blowing monstrously loud farts. They were awesome! I'm thinking tomorrow is Cianide, Impetigo, and Mortician. I need sleep. The excited in mounting.

7-21-07-We pretty much spent Sat late morning and afternoon hanging at the room drinking and watching tv(Rock Of Love on Vh1). We ventured out for a subway at one point. We decided we hit the club around 8pm after we had a nice dinner at the steakhouse across the street. Before you know it where at the club. The anxiety and excitement for the 3 headliners is mounting. Stop Billy, and Matt once again and talk with them a bit. Then Billy introduces me to Sly from Fondlecorpse. Damn! I can't believe he made the trek from Holland for the show. Great to meet Sly in person as we did do some trading in the past. Thanx again for the new mcd bro! I then walk over to the Impetigo merch table and spot Mark. He admits he's a bit nervous. I can imagine.Cianide is minutes away so I make way towards the stage. I find a great spot in the back above the floor to hang and video tape. Then I hear it, the opening riff of"Mind Scrape"! Christ, an oldy right off the bat. Since the "second life" demo I've been hooked on Cianide. I use to write Mike back in the early 90's. Matter of fact when I was doing comp tapes back then under the name Diabolical Netherworld and I featured a reh version of "Eulogy" on D.N. 1. These guys were brilliant live. Heavy as hell and the audience ate it up. Its true Cianide...kills!!! Finally it's Impetigo time! I'm psyched! They open with "Dis-organ-ized" and it sounds like the guy's haven't loss a beat. Way heavy and Stevo's voice was sick. Man, he had me and everybody else cracking up with his dialog between tunes. You just don't get that anymore from front men in metal anymore. Everybody so serious all the time. Impetigo played all the classics. I couldn't believe they played "Breakfast At The Manchester Morgue"! I Work For The Street Cleaner", "Staph Terrorist", "Mortado" , "Dear Uncle Creepy"(Dedicated to Billy Razorback) ,"Bloody Pit Of Horror"(Matt Bishop from HUMAN ARTIFACTS did a killer job doing backing vox), Rob from FORNICATOR spewed forth backing vox for "Defiling The Grave" and it was classic! and finally...Kam Lee himself came out and sang the 2nd verse of "Boneyard". You kicking yourself for missing this show or what? Like all good things, the eventual end soon follows. Impetigo however surpassed my and I think everybody's expectations. I was just left saying " I can't believe I just saw Impetigo". I needed a breather and so I left the concert area and headed for the door and fresh air. Spotted Mark, Stevo, and Dan and congratulated them on the amazing show. Rob, Devon, and myself were a bit up in the air at this point as we wanted to Mortician but we had a cab to catch back to the hotel. Well, Mortician were so brutal and tight that out went the cab ride. I've seen Mortician many times in the past but never touching apoun the greatest they had going this night. As with Impetigo Mortician were able to use samples to intro songs. Classics belted out included
"Mortal Massacre" and "House by the Cemetery". Will's voice was so low it was almost in-human! I was just in awe of the Morticians performance. Before I knew Mortician had played their last song of the night which signaled the end of the show and the fest. Before we knew it we were in Stevo's wife astro van on the way back to our hotels. Great ride home as Stevo was bagging on Devon("Hold It, don't move") and Rob and Stevo were talking about how Rob would take the bus to see and hang with Stevo back in the day. The infamous video " seeing is believing" was brought up and how it was screened for some unsuspecting visitors Rob had accompanied him to Stevo's one day. Back at Imetigos hotel we help the guy's carry in some equipment and then hang with Mark and Dan in the parking lot for awhile. That was a great time just talkin with those guy's about the show. Both agreed it was one of the best if not best show they had ever played. Dan was so jazzed to let us in on his secret to holding onto his drums sticks during the fast parts..."it's all about the tape" Haha. I think it was already after 2am and we were starving so Devon ordered up some Gumby's Pizza(with Pokey sticks) and we walked across the street to our hotel to wait for the pizza guy. Wouldn't you know it in walks behind us Kam Lee and John from Incantation. Pizza shows up we eat and then hit the sheets. Tomorrow we head home.

7-22-07- Check out time is 11am and it's a bitch for us to get up. Our flight back east is not till 5:45pm. We hoped the manager at the Super 8 would let us crash longer in the room. No such luck bur he let us leave our bags behind the desk. Well, with plenty of time to kill we head over to Impetigo's hotel to sat goodbye. As luck would have it Billy Razorback, Steveggs, and Sly Fondlecorpse were all hanging in the lobby as well. One last good bye and some more pix taking and then everybody hits the road. We are still left to kill about 4 hours. Where to go? Of course the mall! So we hit the mall across the street walk around a bit. Spot an arcade and play a few games. Hunger sets in and we hit up Panera Bread. Finish up there walk back to the hotel grab our bags and grab a cab to the airport. No problems at the airport and flights and so Devon and I were back in NH a little after 11pm. We hit up Denny's and then I'm on the road heading back to CT. By 5:30am Mon the 23rd I'm fast alseep.

When I got into the underground scene oh so long it was because of the music, of course. Over time you make connections with other underground fans, bands etc. The music is still important but your underground pals seem to become more and more valuable. You hang out, discuss your fave bands and albums, you got to shows, you party. Your pals are now just as important as is your music. Eventually even more so. For every concert, show, event I've been to while I have the fondest memories of a particular groups performances the memories I have of hanging with friends are the most cherished. So cheer's to Devon, Rob, Stevo, Mark, Dan, Billy Razorback, Matt(Putrid), Sly(Fondlecorpse), Kam Lee, and whoever else I'm leaving out for even more memories.
Cos for a weekend I'm 18 years old and it's the late 80's/early 90's all over again.

Impetigo CIM 7-21-07

I'll be posting video I took of Cianide and Impetigo soon as well as pix Devon took.


Tom Splatterhead said...

I cant believe how awesome that show was!
It was worth the money for sure.
Thanks man,
For posting up that video.

Thrashaholic Regards,

Anonymous said...

fuckin' cool......cheers, Scott/Cianide