Monday, August 06, 2007

MF 4

Mental Funeral 4 was/is a monster issue! I think it contains 60 + plus pages!? That's pretty big for an issue of MF. Though I have no doubt I'll be doubling that size with MF 6! MF 4 was released in Sept of 02. I think I printed 200 copies? This was the last issue I had a print shop do up for me. This issue must of taken forever to layout!? I don't remember. But looking back I must say I've impressed myself(not to sound like a prick or anything...hehe). I put alot of time and effort in the layout that's for sure. Cut and paste lay-outs are not that difficult, but man they are time consuming. A load of great bands in this issue...Vomit Spawn, Blood Axe, Sickness, IRM, The Earwigs, Mixomatosis, Jake(Tales From Uranus Comix), County Medical Examiners, Black Army Jacket, Thou Art Lord, DJ Tense/FHUD, andMr.Skimask(Towpath/Ostomy/Black Mass Of Absu. The Black Army Jacket, Thou Art Lord, DJ Tense/FHUD, Mr.Skimask interviews were again interviews that were planned to go in my previous zine Children Of Caine but never happened. The Thou Art Lord interview goes as far back as 1993/94. Also of interest to fans of Jake(Tales From Uranus Comix) is that Jake did an exclusive art piece for our interview. I don't believe the piece was ever shown/seen expect for in MF 4!? Jake your the man! Anyway, it seems my MF 4 nostalgic trip is complete. I wish I had some more inside workings to this issue but for some reason I can't remember shit. Enjoy issue 4!


Top-MF 4 cover
Bottom-MF 4 inside cover

Top-MF 4 back inside cover
Bottom-MF 4 back cover

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Jorge Andrés Trejos said...

Killer zine man!!!!!!