Tuesday, October 09, 2007

APEX FEST II 10/06/07

Alrighty, well I'll get right to it then. I went to APEX II to see mainly see Steel Hook Prostheses. Yeah ok, and Deutsch Nepal too. So, this blog is going to focus primarily on those 2 bands. Not that the bands are/were bad. Just not into or fimilar with them is all.

Catch the 3:07pm train from CT to NYC(125th n Harlem actually) to met up my buddy Rob Fornicator. Hook up with Rob and grab some BBQ grub for an early dinner. We chill at Rob's place for awhile knocking back beers and playing some PS 3. I kick Robs ass in Teken unmercifully!

Shows starts at 9pm and it's already after that. Having a good time drinking it up with our buddy Sjors and his wife not to mention Rob's girlfriend(Denise) friends. I had thoughts of saying fuck the show. Maybe if we hadn't bought tickets already we may have skipped out.

Made it to the show(at the Pussycat Lounge) a little after 10pm. SkinCage was already on. Listened to a song or two then grabbed a beer and made our way to the merch tables upstairs. Rob grabbed a Wilt cd. Back downstairs to catch the last song from Skincage. I own a Skincage cd and I do like it. The performance was cool, just not as dark nor harsh as I was in the mood for. Ah, but that was about to change as Steel Hook Prostheses was up next. Just prior though to Steel Hook Prostheses going on I met and struck up conversation with Larry from Steel Hook. Really cool to met and chat with Larry and was happy to find out he was a fan of Mental Funeral. Steel Hook hit the stage and they ripped! Death industrial giving way to moments of harsh noise topped off with p.e. style effected vocals. Frontman J. Stillings was intense. Hulking all about on stage whilst sweating profusely. He was literally choking the mic with both hands screaming his lungs out. A rather tame s&m/bondage dvd played on the tv behind the guys during their set as well. Land:Fire nexted up. Not at all fimilar with these guys. Dark ambient type stuff. Not bad really, but watching 2 day's on stage with just laptop computers got old quick. Bain Wolfkind was lame. Visually and musical a wannabe drunk/bad boy ELVIS, CARL McCOY, and NICK CAVE. Rev Chris Hades of Sadistik Execution fame supposedly plays guitar for this guy? Wouldn't know though as he was not accompanied by a band but sang instead along with pre-recorded music. Deutsch Nepal(Lina) hits the stage at 2am. We catch 2-3 songs and call it a night. Deutsch Nepal was cool, but he was doing mostly newer stuff and we were pretty hungry and still buzzed to stick around and wait for the old classic material.

All in it was a cool show. I was expecting a far larger turn-out. There were probably less then 50 people there!? Picked up a few cool things too. Got myself the new Steel Hook Prostheses cd, Texas 6 way vinyl split LP, and a collaboration project from Larry(Steel Hook Prostheses) and Goat called Winter palace. I'd go again if the line-up is to my liking.

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