Saturday, October 27, 2007

JESU/TORCHE 10/22/07

Excellent show this past Monday at the Trinity On Main in New Britain CT. Got there just in time as Torche took the stage. Watched em' from the balcony of the venue which happens to be a church. Loud as fuck! The decent sized was very receptive to both old and new tunes. Having missed Jesu last winter in NYC due to a sell out, I was needles to say, really psyched to see em' play! Jesu played an amazing set showcasing both old and new tracks. The atmosphere of the church and the stained glass window behind which the bands played really heightened the ethereal and trance like elements of Jesu's sound. My only complaint of the night was due in fact it was a church and not a club so there was not an actual PA so the vocals for both and Torche and Jesu were pretty low and hard to decipher. Still it didn't take away from my enjoyment of both bands and sets.

Top to Bottom(Torche/Jesu)

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John said...

Great pics! The shirt Justin is wearing is from the haunted house attraction I run in NJ and that's me on the shirt! I had given it to him the night before in Poughkeepsie and he made sure to point out, to me, that he was wearing before the set. It was quite an honor. haha!

Thanks again!