Friday, November 16, 2007


Here's the scoop. I've decided to do MF 6 and 7 back to back. I can't possibly fit all the interviews and reviews in one issue. Well, I could but it would be way too big and expensive to produce, let alone sell. I know I should probably toss away or not even include alot of materials that have accumulated over the 3-4 years since the last MF. Believe me I've thought about it. I can't do it though. I just don't care about being up to date with current cd/movie reviews or interviews with the latest bands. Considering how obscure the majority of the items I cover are it really doesn't matter.

So, if all goes well MF 6 will come out in Feb/March 08 and M7 to follow in June/July 08. Cross your fingers!

MF 6 interviews are pretty much done. Rob Fornicator is finishing up the Whore interview. Will have that one soon. Need to wrap up the Profanatica one with John and Paul. Not sure if Paul is still on board but I have a bit more to ask John.
Sam from The Rita dropped me a line to tell me he's almost finished with his interview.And last but not least is BloodStalkers director Robert Morgan. I have maybe 4-5 more questions to do work out before I send over the interview to him. I have a feeling the one with Robert is gonna be huge so it may be spread over 2 issues(MF 6 and MF 7). Reviews are underway. Got close to 50 out of the way already.

MF 6 final lineup:

Bestial Summoning
Cirth Ungol
Ares Kingdom
Atrax Morgue(Unpublished 1997)
The Rita
Transcendent Device
Axegrinder(Unpublished 1988)
Skullhog(Ex-Bile from the Netherlands)
Robert Morgan(Bloodstalkers Director)

MF 7

Your Kids On Fire
Trap Them
Force Of Darkness
Damon Bloodstrom(Corpse Molestation, Bestial Warlust, Cemetery Urn)

Working on adding 4-5 more interviews. Stayed tuned.

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