Sunday, November 18, 2007


straight out of my collection. I've really under covered some great old shit that hasn't seen the light of day in over a decade. Enjoy!

Death Squad photo pack given to me by Michael 9

French dark ambient one-man project. Ad form 1995

Postcard for the Control 7'ep

Was handed this flyer at a metal show in MA.

I snapped this one at the NYC Swans farewell show 1997. One the best shows ever!

Absu is back together I hear? Though I don't think Ray(Equitant) is involved. Here's a pix I took in Newport Rhode Island of Ray back in 1995. I use to write Ray alot and it was really cool meeting and hanging with him and the other Absu guy's in NYC and R.I. Absu toured with Enslaved(first tour of the states) and headliners Incantation. December Wolves opened the show in R.I.

Damon Bloodstrom was among the first people in the underground I use to write. Got this letter with the debute Bestial Warlust cd back in 94/95.

Letter from Steve(drummer of Nuclear Death). Probably from back in 94/95.

Old Flyer fom 1993

My bedroom back in the day. In case your wondering... YES, I still own all that shit. Stored away but I got it all.

I'm not one for autographs but I really regret not getting Jess's that day.

Orginal Suspiria poster I scored in NYC back in the mid 90's. Dropped $125.00 on it. What the fuck was I thinking? Glad I own it though still.

Tomb Of Dracula, House Of Mystery...old 70's Marvel/DC horror titles rule!


-cja said...

those posters in your (old) bedroom are friggin' killer!

Anonymous said...
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Marlene said...

Well said.