Saturday, November 17, 2007

Check out...

These cool videos:

Hell-Deathsquad video! Obscure NWOBHM

Nightbringer-Autumn Equinox V September 2007

Crumbsuckers(Never knew they had an official video!?)

Cathedral(Live 1992 with original lineup)

Mighty Sphincter(Genius of a band and criminally underrated)


What I've been listening to:

Jonathan Briley-From Kain To Abel
Mighty Sphincter-Ghost Walking And The New Mansons
Slave State-Various
Danzig-Danzig II: Lucifuge
Evoken-A Caress Of The Void
Controlled Bleeding-Trailer Fuck
Fen-Ancient Sorrow ep

And watching:

28 Day's later
Horrors Of The Malformed Men
Tales From The Crypt(1974)
Nil By Mouth
Wait Until Dark

Wait Until Dark


These sluts:

Miss Gianna Michaels was born on 1983 and now she is a porn star with 36 DD natural tits. She was a cheerleader and started her career as a model when she was 19 years old. She pretty soon discovered that she likes porn more than anything else in the world so she became a porn star. Gianna Michaels was a finalist for The Fame Awards in Breast category in year 2006. Gianna Michaels is not a soft babe. Really... she likes extreme sex, likes to have her hair pulled while she is fucked from behind, she doesn't like sensual love making she prefers hard sex.

Alisha Klass is miss "Tushy Girl" What's a tushy girl? Somebody who loves to get her ass fucked, but comes across like the girl next door. When Klass was 2, her mother was killed by her father, who in turn killed himself. Her grandmother subsequently raised Klass. After graduating from high school, she went to Las Vegas to become a stripper and "sex worker." After ending her job as a sex worker, she graduated with a degree in fashion from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in California.Klass was first introduced to pornography by Ron Jeremy while working at a club; Jeremy was later instrumental in introducing her to producer Adam Glasser, aka Seymore Butts.By 1997 she began starring in pornographic movies where she quickly became known for her penchant for anal sex, her willingness to participate in "ass to mouth", and her ability to ejaculate, or "squirt," in copious amounts. Klass became romantically involved with Glasser for a time, but in August 2000, she broke up with him. The breakup was not amicable and various arguments arose between them. Klass briefly dated actor Bruce Willis in 2001. Around this time, she also worked as a host on the Playboy television show, Inside Adult. Alisha I believe has retired from porn at the age of 35 now. I read on-line that she has lost her sphincter and has had her orifice stitched up. She wears depends and at times she wears a bag to catch the feces in which she has no control of. Supposed real crimes of kidnapping, snuff and ritual abuse are only a few of her sick activities these day's. View her in action here:

Olivia O' Lovely is noted for her luscious black hair and large behind, which is approximately 47 inches around. Nuff said. Curves in all the right places!

these links:

Because God Told Me To Do It
Mainly old Industrail/Noise/Experitmental albums available for free download.

Cool news and review blog outta Europe with a focause on noise/power electronics/death industrial. Run by Stephan of the Noisewerrrrk label.

Rare and obscure slasher movies cataloged and for sale. Haven't ordered yet. Thinking about it though.

my Diabolical Netherworld compilations page on Myspace. Lot's to look out and read. I scanned off a bunch of old unreleased interviews I did with the likes of Vorphalack, Primordial, Occult, Ancient Wisdom, Opera IX, Order From Chaos etc.

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