Thursday, June 26, 2008

June Happenings

Got back from TX on Monday night. Was out there for the Profanatica re-union at the SOTNC 9 Fest. More about that in the next blog(should be up by the weekend). Anyway, catch up time. I was able to post MDF 08 pix from last month. I had a pretty good time. The bands I posted pix of are the ones I actually saw live and liked. Well, except for Grave who experienced technical difficulties and who's vocal style nowadays is pretty lame. Go back to the sound and style of your early 90's shit! My buddy Rob Fornicator snapped a bunch of cool shots of Blood Duster and I believe Nuclear Assault that I'll post as soon as I get those. By the way, both bands were damn good. I'm not a huge Blood Duster fan and never was but seeing em' live I certainly have to go back and revisit their discography. It was cool seeing Nuclear Assault again. I haven't seen em' since they played with Coroner back in early 90's. They pretty much sucked then cos John Connelly was a drunken mess. By the way John, nice haircut...hahhaha. Whadda gone emo man? Another MDF come and gone. Not sure I will go in 09. I'm pretty burnt on the city, the people, and 3 day's of little death metal and whole lot of grindcore.

Following the Profanatica/SOTNC 9 blog I will be posting pix of the Possessed/At War/Blood Feast/Sadistic Intent/Mortician show that took place in NYC on 6/22/08. Again pix proved by the one and only Rob Fornicator.

MF news: As mentioned in a blog last month I had plans of doing MF special issues. 2 to be exact. Well, I manged to get put together one. It's nearly finish. The interview layouts are all done but I'm still working on review layouts. And I need to put the finishing touches on the front cover. Figuring this will all be done by early next week. Then it's off the printer. Here's what the interview lineup looks like:

Trap Them

Skull Hog

Atrax Morgue(from 1997...unpublished)


Transcendent Device

Axegrinder(from 1989...unpublished)
RobFornicator(Murder Basket, Fornicator, Whore)

Not a huge issue in the page department but a nice issue nevertheless. Should hold everyone over till MF 6 comes out late summer/early fall 08.

Stuff to check out:

Rotting Christ - Feast Of The Grand Whore 1994

Nuclear Death Live Bootleg, early 90's

The Stalin - Your Order 1983

Edwige @ No Fun Fest 2008


The Strange Vengeance of Rosalie-Strange? Huh! More like psycho. Find this one.

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