Sunday, August 09, 2009

CZW A Tangled Web 2 8-8-09

Finally made it to Philly to see CZW live! Lived to to the expectations and then some! Results taken from CZW forum. Videos taken by Dustin.

Aerial Assault opening the show
Spyral BKNY vs Devon Moore vs Facade vs Mike Sydal vs Rich Swann vs Ryan McBride vs B-Boy vs Greg Excellent

Mike Sydal had to be stretchered out after being knocked out after a rough bump from the top turnbuckle, however after being taking to the hospital he returned to the arena and is expected to make a full recovery.

Drew Gulak vs Jon Dahmer is up
Gulak goes over after Rodney Rush distracts Dahmer and Gulak gets the rollup
Dahmer hits Rodney with two murderplexes

Dahmer hit Rodney with one murderplex first then gave into the crowd chants for "one more time" and hit it again.

Four way tag match
Ruckus/Sabian vs LJ/Alex vs Team Macktion vs Veritas/Cole

Sabian goes to the top rope and Robby comes out on the mic and asks if he told Sabian to go to the top rope

Robby then tells Sabian and Ruckus that hes the closest thing that they have to a father figure

Sabian and ruckus chase Robbie to the back
Tyler and Cole go over

Not much to say about this match, although blkout brought a ewok to the ring with them. Who apprently tounges Robby's balls...

Joe Gacy vs xOMGx

Quick match Gacy went over clean.

The Best Around vs H8 club

TBA got dragged all around the arena through the fans and chairs getting their asses handed to them Gage even took one member of TBA out of the ringside area to slam him into a garage door.

I think this finish was horrible with Gage being pinned while in a figure four. They could have atleast had a normal pinfall, thought Figure Fours were supposed to submit you not pinfall you.

Then was intermission and some dumass with a silver car wouldnt move it from in front of the production truck so they kept the intermission going until it got moved.

Masada vs Havoc

Crowd was mixed cheering for both guys, lots of panes of glass were used, along with a few chairs.

Ego vs Drew

Definately one of the better matches of the event, both guys took some very rough bumps with ladders, Drew had one break on him and Ego took a hard one where the ladder bent but didnt break.

The Naptown Dragons (Drake Younger and Scotty Vortekz) vs. The Switchblade Conspiracy (Jon Moxley and Sami Callihan)

So the web, two chain fences one side had barbwire on it the other didnt, they also had a barbwire bat, board, barbwire chair, and a few panes of glass around the ring.

The side with barbwire didnt hold up so well, by the end of the match the fence was on the ground. BTW Moxley worst blade job ever, he crawled out of the ring and got under the table where the timekeeper was and took a small piece of glass and bladed himself in plain sight, and didn't even do a good job of it.

SC went over clean, then Gacy came in and attacked Younger/Vortekz Havoc and OMG made the save. Younger says he aint losing to SBC again and that Havoc is joining the war against them.

and he almost forgot to say "Who says CZW can't put on a show better than UFC? FUCK UFC!"

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