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The interviews for MF 6 are lengthy and I need all the room I can get. I'm going to start posting reviews on the MF blospot. Mainly it'll be alot of old releases I've been sent the last 3-4 years mixed with some newer stuff as well. MF 6 will have a review section! No worries. You will see reviews in print. I'll in touch with a great many of you informing you on your review contained within this blog.


WITCH TOMB "Past Torture:Demo 2002 + Rehearsal Jan '07" CD-R 2007 - Self-release

Just in case you missed out on getting the original out of print demo back in 02 it’s been released along with a rehearsal from 07. This is a no frills cdr and xeroxed off cover just the like I like shit! In any case Witch Tomb embody the early 90's raw black/death metal style perfectly. The reincarnation of Profanatica, VON, Necrovore, NME, Blood, and Autopsy all rolled into one. And if you remember and hold dearly the old recordings of the above mentions you’ll surly want a copy of this. Hell, if you dug Witch Tomb’s debute cd Mocking Jehovah you’ll even want this just to hear some of those songs of the album played live and raw during captured during the Jan 07 reh. (Bill) or

F.K.U.-Metal Moshing Mad- cd Razorback Records
So in 1999 FKU(Freddy Krugers Underwear) outta Sweden released Metal Moshing Mad. Obviously noboady cared. I guess with the lame retro thrash rival in full bloom these day’s it’s bond to find it’s audience. Ok, I’ll admit it I never heard of the band before. If I had to compare FKU to anybody it would certainly be old Anthrax, Exodus(the vocals are somewhat Baloff-esque) and S.O.D. So think chunky guitar riffs and gang-shouted choruses. I can somewhat appreciate the songs themselves paying tribute to 80's slasher films and horror movie icons but a lot of the lyrics are damn right ridiculous and goofy. Take for instance track 9 F.K.U.(Comming For You) with lyrics that read like this “Hamper starts to shake, making noise, up flew the drawers of doom, red/green/all in strips, grandpa style, and with the smell out of hell”. See what I mean!? Really, the music isn’t bad with the beefy production, it does pack a punch but the riffs are so blatantly “borrowed”. That’s the problem I have with Metal Moshing Mad, I don’t hear anything that’s distinctly F.K.U. If wanna hear Anthrax, SOD, Exodus I’ll just put on some old Anthrax, SOD, Exodus. Nuff said. (Bill)

BLOOD FREAK-Multiplex Massacre-cd Razorback Records
I not a huge Blood Freak fan but I can totally appreciate where the band’s influence comes from(old 90's death/grind, 80's thrash and retro horror/exploitation films). The 2 previous Blood Freak cd’s had such a great Autopsy, Impetigo, and old Swedish death metal vibe to it. Multiplex Massacre is way too much 80's bay area thrash worship for my tastes. This is by far the best sounding Blood Freak record but like I said I prefer the music on Sleaze Merchants and Live Fast Die Young And Leave A Flesh-Eating Corpse! Best track for me is number 12 entitled RoadKillers. Starts of really slow and doomy and has some really atmospheric and melodic leads and solos. Wish there were more songs like that on here. (Bill).

THE NIHILISTIC FRONT-The Four Seasons In Misery-cd Self Released
Warning: Extreme Doom! Think old Bethlehem. Esoteric, Disembowelment, Thergothon! Utterly and horrifying slow, yet rich in atmosphere. Songs so heavy they literally take on weight. I listened to this with head phones on and I swear I could feel my face becoming paralyzed for the duration of the 2 songs(over 40 minutes) presented. Your welcome to the insanity via and (Bill)

BEYOND TERROR AND BEYOND GRACE-Still Human, Still Humane?- cd Grindhead Records
Damn good demo/ep cd from this Aussie grindcore band. Musically along the lines of Rotten Sound, Nasum, Brutal Truth, Pig Destroyer, Skitsystem etc. BTBG now have an actual full length out called Extinction|Salvation. You can check out samples st there Myspace page at (Bill) Grinhead Records c/o Ryan Jerrold 69 Melrose Ave, Sylvania NSW 2224 Australia

SORDID-Sordid Remains-cd Grindhead Records
Sordid play a crusty pissed off filthy grind-core akin to the likes of Brutal Truth, Unholy Grave, Assuck, etc etc. I believe this release contain tracks recorded as a rehearsal!? Even if the sound isn’t that hot it really doesn’t take away from my enjoyment of the cd. Tell you the truth this how real crusty grindcore should sound like. Fuck big budget grindcore records. (Bill)

BEYOND MORTAL DREAMS-The Demon And The Tree Of The Dead- demo cd 2006 Self Released
Excellent brutal death metal from this 4 piece outta Aussie. The main ingredients to BMD’s success are they play fast, brutal and have an overall dark feel captured in the songs themselves. So if the likes of Morbid Angel, Deicide, Blasphemy, Impiety, and Bestial Warlust do it for yourself, I see no reason why you wouldn’t appreciate Beyond Mortal Dreams compositions. Also worth a mention is the bands cover of Kreator’s “Flag Of Flag” included on this release. Total death metaled out version! Great job guy’s! Beyond Mortal Dreams c/o Pahl Hodgson 8/38 Rundle Street Kent Town South Australia 5067

SEWER GODDESS- Dejection Veil-Self Released
Unfortunately this was limited to 25 copies, so as you might of guessed this sucker is no longer available. Sewer Goddess is a 2 piece outta Massachusetts featuring samples and electronics proved by Nolife Jay(Embryonic Cryptopathia, Hirudinea, Witch Tomb) in addition to electronics and vocals proved by Yersinia. Sewer Goddess run the gambit of dark industrial with pulsing rhythms to pieces of central noise and even moments of power electronics(complete with echoed whispered female vox). There’s an overall lo-fi and really nasty feel to these songs. Myself have conjured up images in my mind of the perverse and hate filled acts cued from 70's XXX films like Hardgore to the graphic dissection scene in Last House On Dead End Street when listening to Dejection Veil. Terry Hawkins would be proud! Fans of Megaptera,, Brighter Death Now and like would be advised to check out the bands new release(review somewhere else in this issue) Eris Sadisticum 3”CDR. (Bill)

Do you like beer, sluts and mangled corpses? Cool, well if you do then Roadside Burial is right up your alley. I dig this, it’s brutal death/grind with a drum machine. Kinda sounds like a Suffocation, Rotten Sound, Bolt Thrower, Carcass, Sadistik Execution, and Brujeria cluster fuck. Onto to Corpsickle. Corpsickle are all about Zombies, Horror movies, and death metal! Works for me. Mostly mid paced tunes with a drum machine. I hear influence from Incantation, Immolation, Massacre, Pungent Stench, Bolt Thrower, Morbid Angel. Not bad at all. (Bill)

CRITICAL THEATRE-Last Crisis Of Pleasure-cdr self released
Experimental, industrial, Psychedelic noise that comes across rather soundtrackish and ritualistic. I detect a Psychic TV influence. I really appreciate the fact aspects of the “noise” was made with actual instruments(guitar/bass with distortion). Just goes to show you don’t need studio trickery and knob tweeting to create a good noise record. Overall I really like the atmosphere maintained throughout all 8 tracks. An almost supernatural aura is present. Critical Theatre certainly know how to tap into the subconscious though, and I for one was certainly “transported” when listening to Last Cries Of Pleasure. (Bill)

FONDLECORPSE-Blood And Popcorn-mcd-Razorback Records
I really liked the Fondlecorpse 7'ep’s. So, I was pretty excited to get my hands on this mcd. Make no mistake about it, Sly(frontman for Fondlecorpse) is a total underground death/grind freak and proud supporter. I mean the guy came over from Holland in July 07 to see the Impetigo reunion show in Illinois. Glad he did as it was great to meet him and get this mcd from the man himself. As far the mcd, well it’s pretty much in the same style of the ep’s. This time though a real drummer is used. I did think though that the music/riffs were a bit more thrash influenced on Blood And Popcorn. I seem to remember more of a mid paced kinda Autopsy doom vibe on the prior releases. However what I did notice on the mcd is more of a Massacre/Impetigo influence. The songs themselves pay tribute to horror classics like Basket Case, The Hills Have Eyes(original), Chopping Mall, Halloween. I’m sure a full length will surface in 2008!? (Bill) FONDLECORPSE Blauwborst 35 2651 RD Berkel en Rodenrijs The Netherlands

VOMITROCITY -Sea-Sick-cdr (Self Released)
Pretty decent death metal/gore grind along the lines Carcass, Exhumed, Disgorge (mexico), Foetopsy, Embalmer, Morgue, Alienation Mental, last days of humanity. The production is raw as it’s mainly a demo which may have been recorded live? Still the music has a lot of variety with plenty of death/thrash riffing and blast beats. I do like what I hear and hope these guy’s can record properly in a studio setting soon. The potential is there. Labels heads up! (Bill)

THRALLDOM-Beast Eyes Opened To The Sky-cd(Bestial Onslaught)
Bleak minimal doom/noise like black metal. There’s a sort of classic Norwegian meets Abu’s BARATHRUM: V.I.T.R.I.O.L. vibe to this release. Matter of fact the vocals remind a lot of Proscriptors. Anyway, this release is rather old(2003) and since then Thralldom has gone to do 2 other cd’s(Black Sun Resistance and A Shaman Steering The Vessel Of Vastness). I believe the band has called it a day and are now know as The Howling Wind. Also worth noting is Thralldom is made up of members from Unearthly Trance. (Bill) Bestial Onslaught Productions P.O. Box 543 Watertown, MA 02471 USA

SUPERCHRIST-Heavy Metal Tonight-cd(Bestial Onslaught)
Superchrist is a great modern day version of Motorhead. Excellent full on punk/rock n’ roll. This a live album recorded in Boston MA. On 5/2/04 and the sound is killer. The material contained is from the bands first 2 albums(Back And Black and South Of Hell). The band just released a new full length in 2007 called Headbanger. (Bill) BLACK PLANET PO BOX 143 EAST LANSING, MI 48826 USA

ADOLF SATAN-Adolf Satan-cd(Bestial Onslaught)
Horrific Sludge/Doom metal conjured up by the like of Larry Lifeless (vocals, ex-UPSIDEDOWN CROSS/KILSLUG), Josh Martin (guitar, ANAL CUNT), Nate Linehan (drums,ex-ANAL CUNT, INSULT) and Seth Putnam (bass, ANAL CUNT, FULL BLOWN AIDS,etc...). What can I say this music is for scumbag drunks. So, of course I liked it(Bill).

Dark ambient and neo-classical tribute to J.R.R. Tolkien. 6 artists are featured(Leviathan, Aidan Baker, Jaaporatit, As All Die, Gydja, and Transcendent Device). Not sure if the music from the said artists are inspired by the movie or the book? Or how the bands themselves went about choosing and creating the music they did. I just have a promo with no information. The song’s average in length from 12-15 minutes each. So, I believe the over all playing time is 70 plus minutes. Jaaporatit sound oddly out of place on here with there new of kind age “happy” sound amongst all the doom and gloom from the other 5 groups. Found Leviathan, Gydja, and Transcendent Device the stand outs. Sold out now from Foreshadow but you may be able to find it from a distro. FORESHADOW
P.O. Box 848, 30-960 Kraków, Poland

INTESTINAL INFECTION-Zombie Fuck cdr(Self Released)
One man porno/gore grind band out of California. The farthest thing from original but if you dig the likes of dead infection, old gut, catasexual urge motivation, libido airbag, last day’s of humanity etc you’ll appreciate where sole member THE MENSTRUAL ENFORCER OF INFECTIOUS EXPULSIONS is coming from. Despite the low budget recording and the lack of individuality I did enjoy the total DIY approach to music and presentation of I.F. Shit, I’ve heard and seen worse from bands on larger labels. Heads up: INTESTINAL INFECTION/MIXOMATOSIS 7' EP(Looking for label). (Bill)

ALOGOL/SHROUD OF DESPONDENCY split cd 2004(Paragon Records)
Try as they might, Algol is not black metal. More like death/thrash with some keyboards. To re-enforce the fact Algol is the furthest thing from black metal they do a cover of Nirvana’s “Milk It”. Overall there certainly is a need for improvement. The vocals are totally in the metal-core screamy style and they need to find an identity musically and stick with it. They have some work to do but underneath all the amateurness I detect a hint of worthwhileness, be it a small glism. Ok, onto Shroud Of Despondency. One man black metal band. As with the case with Algol SOD follows suite with more under produced black metal. Even so, it is evident SOD is way more talented. SOD play a sort of doom blackened metal. Long songs with mid paced tempo. The guitar harmonies need work though, under better production that may work out. I like SOD, he just needs to tighten up his playing skills. I hear the potential. (Bill)

This is Methadrones first full length which I believe is now sold out(according to the NOTHingness Records website). Ever since Craig Pillard(mastermind behind Methadrone)hooked me up with the Methadrone ep back in 04 I knew this band was on to something. That something was Doom. Monolithic sludge doom that is, comprised solely by 2 bass players and a drum machine. Ok, so big deal right? 2 bass players it’s been done before. Ahh but not like this. You see Methadrone has a nack for the melody too. The music isn’t all doom and gloom. It’s got hooks. Think of the best moments from Godflesh, Jesu, and Winter meeting with the ambience and atmosphere of say Lycia. Even though Methadrone has progressed miles from this release, I feel it still holds up rather well considering I haven’t listened to this in close to a year. (Bill) NOTHingness Records c/o M. Boriau Hoogstraat 124 9472 Denderleeuw Belgium

Strange ambient noise meshed with black metal ingredients with hints of shoegaze rock. Way trippy and psychedelic! Imagine Ildjarn, Mysticum, and Havohej collabotaing with Loveliescrushing. How’s that for a mind fuck eh? Yeah, and you haven’t even heard the cd yet. Be afraid, be very afraid. (Bill)

XXX MANIAK / LYMPHATIC PHLEGM Split CD(Black Hole Productions)
3X Maniak get’s things going. Honestly these guy’s bore the hell out of me. They seem to be rather popular at the moment, can’t see why? The music is a rather generic and frankly the band they rip off the most Mortician blows them away. To their credit though they have an excellent production on this release thank’s to Scott Hull(Agoraphobic Nosebleed). Lymphatic Phlegm, what’s to say. These Brazilian patho gore grinders have been at it awhile now. You know what to expect like unintelligible gargled vocal growls, blasting drumbeats(still with a drum machine), heavy distorted guitars/bass, and 30 second to 1 minute long songs. Really, what’s there not to like about that? New album out now called Show-off Cadavers - The Anatomy of Self Display. (Bill) BLACK HOLE PRODUCTIONS c/o Fernando Camacho Caixa Postal 5330 Joinville - SC 89202-970 Brasil LYMPHATIC PHLEGM c/o André Luiz Caixa Postal 9095 Curitiba - PR 80611-970 Brazil

CLAWN-Deathless Beauty Of The Silence CD(Black Hole Productions)
Brutal Brazilian death metal here. Really dig the thick chunky guitar sound on this. For the most part the songs range from mid pace to sections with blast beats. I detect a Suffocation/Pyrexia/Incantation/Obituary influence in the overall sound. Clawn aren’t going to be winning awards for originality but when it comes to no-frills/no bullshit brutal death metal you could do a lot worse. (Bill)

EXPOSE YOUR HATE-Hatecult CD(Black Hole Productions)
More Brazilian death/grind. You know you love it. Expose Your Hate kinda has a Napalm Death, Nasum, Rotton Sound, Brutal Truth vibe going on. Well crafted tunes here but little in the avenue of originality. Don’t get me wrong it’s good for what it is, but you’ve heard shit like it a hundred times before already. Maybe not out of Brazil though? (Bill)

S.M.E.S.-The Good, The Bad, And Me CD(Black Hole Productions)
The bizarre synth-sickness is back again! Yahooooo. I love cyber porn gore grind as much as the next guy. Libido Airbag, Nun Whore Commando 666, Blue Holocaust, Slough I totally get into that shit. I’m think I’m getting a little bit burned out of cyber grind though as I find this cd not very intersting at all. I do like SMES and I thought I’d totally be into this. I’m not sure what it is. Not hard enough? Fast enough? Shit, probably both. Oh well, there’s a couple of cool tarcks at least. (Bill)

SERVILE SECT-Stratospheric Passenger CD(Sounds Of Battle And Souvenir Collecting)
Wow, this was a welcomed surprise. Not sure how to describe this one but is your into the likes of Alcest, Nadja, and Angelic Process I think you may have an idea as to what this bands sounds like. It has that kinda fuzzy/psyh/buzzy shoegazer like black metal vibe to it. Very surreal and drone like as well. You know honestly I think noise freaks would be into this as well. If you dug what Bone Awl did with The Rita I think you may find this rather interesting. (Bill)

GOG/APPARATIA-Fruition Of The Occult Split CD (Sounds Of Battle And Souvenir Collecting)
GOG is massive! I mean this shit just lumbers ahead epically for 25 minutes. Huge fuzzy/reverbed out and distorted guitars mesh with bass and drums that some how are made audible amongst the chaos. Think Corrupted and Earth totally eviled out. Apparatia is grim and primitive US black metal. It has it’s moments. I like the fast/blastbeat sections. Also the ambiences of the tracks but really dislike the clean guitar parts. The guitars sound really out of tune in those sections. At least in the first track that did. I’d really like to hear more from these guy’s though. They are a raw black metal band no doubt, but with some rather trippy and experimental touches thanks in part to the buzzy and fuzzed out guitar tomes they recorded with.(Bill)

SCHNAUZER-Schnauzer-CDR(Eggscab Records)
This is a comp cdr of Schnauzer tracks from their cd’s, 7', and 10'. Steve Egg’s hooked me up with this at the Illinois Death Fest in July of 2007...thanx again man. This is the first time I’ve heard this project from Steve. I mean I’ve heard the name never the music though. More familiar with P.O.E. Anyway, Schnauzer is Steve Egg’s and co. hardcore/grind band. I believe Jim Sadist(Nunslaughter) plays drums in this band!?To me it’s cross between Sheer Terror, Righteous Pigs, and Macabre with some moments of D.R.I. Good shit, totally into it. Love the total D.I.Y. approach too(Bill)

Low fi shit-noise recorded with cheap sounding cheap guitars, drum machine, and dense squalls of feedback and shouted voices. I can’t tell if this pure crap or true genius. They called Throbbing Gristle and SPK back in the day rubbish too. I kinda see and hear Slicing Grandpa coming from the school of noise. Listening to this is almost like hearing an old long lost Club Moral cassette. (Bill)

SEWER GODDESS-Eris Sadisticum-CDR(Silken Tofu)
Newest release from this heavy electronics female fronted act specializing in gutter electronics. Here we have a 3'cdr with 4 songs. The songs themselves are really powerful sounding on this recording. No doubt the best production/mastering Sewer Goddess has achieved. The songs themselves follow in the tradition of the previous release I reviewed. Death industrial meshing with power electronics with spoken/screamed vocals most often buried deep in the mix. I really like the last song on here entitled “Blood Nailed” as it shows a lot of growth and hopefully a taste of future recordings from S.G. The track starts off a rather unsettling death industrial number and lurks into some slow and low crunchy noise. Not harsh at all, but I think it works well. This act doesn’t necessarily have to come across harsh to achieve the desired sound they are going for. (Bill)

Ok, this now 3-4 years old now. On top of that I believe both bands are now dead. This a collectors item then for those that can find it and or fans of absorbing, bleak, cavernous, chilling, cold, dark, deep, droning, ominous, and stark dark ambient. I do like the track by Marspiter better however then the one suppled by Canada’s Alone In Silence. Marspiter track has more going on in it and varied. It’s more structured is all. Marspiter was M.Todd’s project prior to Transcendent Device. Sadly I believe Transcendent Device is a thing of the past as well. (Bill)

PHANTOM LIMBS-Wind And Waves part 1 3" CDR(Husk Recordings)
Phantom Limb is one Morgan Rankin(Organ, Vocal) and Josh Lay(Guitar, Vocal). Musically the music is comprised of guitar feedback and organ passages with barely discernable vocal screams. It all works and works well. To me Phantom Limbs have created musically a soundtrack to some old 70's super natural flick. It’s got that kind of nostalgic vibe to it. I keep picturing in my head scenes from the movie Messiah Of Evil when I listened to this. (Bill)

HEX SCREW-3'CDR(MT6 Records)
Totally abstract and brutal noisecore with an odd moment of prog, punk, and dare I say pop? This screw ball concoction is courtesy of 17 year old Sam Garrett of Baltimore, Maryland. This is music for riots! An endurance test for your ears. Love to hear more. (Bill)

VOMIT SPAWN-Diabolical Detention-3'CDR(Self Released)
I don’t think this band is dead. Although I’m pretty sure they haven’t done anything since this came out in 2004. Vomit Spawn have been playing old-school grindcore, death, gore, porn metal , punk/hardcore since 1993. Diabolical Detention finds the band totally stripped down to their grind/punk roots. At least it sounds like it to me. I always considered V.S. a porno-gore grind band with growled death metal vocals. I guess there kinda moving away from that style and just keeping it old school and simple. This sucker is short, fast and offensive. (Bill)Ern 5242 Astral St Jacksonville FL 32205 USA

A MACHINE CALLED ORGASM-Slave-3'VCD(Dumping Ground Recordings)
I was a bit fooled by this one. What I thought was just a 3'cdr was in fact a 3' VCD featuring music played over a looped adult video. Limited to 45 copies. Really, the video is nothing special. A women with her arms tied behind her having sex doggy style. Could it be the individual behind A Machine...featured in the video? As for the music featured it’s rather good. Harsh noise that has a rather dark ambient feel to it. Pretty basic stuff but it’s effective in getting the point across...roughness! I believe this project is dead and it’s place has risen Albert Fish is My Hero. Write here to find out

DEATH MENTAL-From The Archives Of The Asylum- CDR(Self Released)
One man old school death/thrash band. Overall this really some raw and primitive metal along the lines of old Sepultura ,death and with some Kreator thrown in some good measure. The guitars are thrashy and fast somewhat technical. The drums are programmed but really not a draw back at all. Death Mental sounds like a demo band from the late 80's/early 90's. Not bad all. With an actual band and a better recording I think Death Mental actually has a shot. (Bill)

VISCERA- Butt Chutney/Split 7' with Lymphatic Phelegm-CDR(Prolapse)
This 7' has been in the works for 10 friggen years! Christ. I still don’t think it’s out yet!? Anyway, I was lucky enough to the Viscera side and songs from the split from Jayde(Viscera/Prolapse). The 3 new tunes on the split are Tampon Teabag' 'Razor Wire Urethral Swab' and 'Your Cunt...Stapled Shut'. Hahaha, not bad eh? I’ve been a Viscera fan for some time and let me tell ya the new tunes are killer. Still retain that old Autopsy, Abscess, Macabre vibe. Hope this comes out this year. (Bill) GPO Box 291 Sydney NSW 2001 Australia

GREEN BERET-Out Of Control 1996-2003-CD (Prolapse)
So the last I heard time Green Beret was back in 2001 when I picked up there self titled cd. I took a chance on the cd and ended up totally digging it. My prior knowledge of the band was thin. I believe I heard a track of their’s on a tape comp back in the mid 90's. Anyway, thanx to Prolaspse and this collection I’m able experience some Green Beret’s more hard-to-find Grind. Tunes that were included on 7'ep’s and old/unreleased cassette tapes. If I had to describe the sound of Green Beret I’d lable it somewhere between grindcore and powerviolence with a vocal style ala Macabre/old Gut with keyboards and a lot of tongue in cheek humor contained in the song titles themselves and lyrics. You like DRI, Cryptic Slaughter, Terrorizer, Capitalist Casualties, and Gronibard? Then image those bands combined with Monty Python. (Bill)

KRYPTOSEXUAL CANCROID-The Best Shit 1996-2001-CD(Prolapse)
Industrial Goregrind band outta Italy. Dead and buried now but this here is a nice collection of their material which was 2 split 7'eps and a demo. I actually labeled K.P. goregrind, which is kinda unfair. They were more like a grind/crust/HC band with an industrail slant with moments of experimental noise/ambient. Shit, they even had a gabber track. (Bill)

NADJA/METHADRONE-Absorption split-cdr
A guitar driven drone enthusiast wet dream is this split. Aidan Baker's side project Nadja opens the cd with one long track clocking in at about a half hour. The track is initially built apoun a feedback wall of sound, though not noisy by any means. The track then flows, soars and settles nicely into a somber drone piece with sparse guitar and drums before reverting back to it’s original aggressive origins. A beautiful and complex piece. What’s left to say about Methadrone? Dark majestic feedback drenched compositions. As appealing as they are disturbing. These songs just envelope the listener and suck you in. These tunes are truly alive and engaging. (Bill). Nadja Methadrone

Sewer Goddes-Dirt Behind The Daydream-2006(No Life)
Really appealing sound variations going on in all 4 tracks. Ranging from low end drone rumbles to grating high pitch noise. Totally atmospheric heavy electronics focusing on the filthy and perverted. Limited to 50 so you your chances of scoring this one are slim!(Bill)

WALL RIDERS-document III-2008(Trauma Tone)
Bludgeoning harsh drone noise. But what do expect from THE RITA, TASKMASTER collaboration project. Unrelenting in structure not without the occasional break in the action to keep things interesting. Though not losing focause through out the 40 mintues of play. From the get go this disk goes for the throat and just never let’s go. The sonic equivalent to a pit bull attack. (Bill)

Marspiter-Vigila-2004(So mnambulant Corpse Recordings)
Something to live for. Something to die for. That’s the best way for me to sum up the music presented on Vigila. Triumph and bombastic drone ambient composition for the modern day warrior.(Bill)

Various Artists - XII Caesars -compilation CD-2004(So mnambulant Corpse Recordings)
Nine exclusive tracks by artists as varied as the subject matter: Exsanguinate, Tugend, Murderous Vision, Bestia Centauri, Post Scriptvm, Survival Unit, Ond, Axone and Marspiter. Also includes the debut track from a new collaborative project between Axone & Marspiter: The Great Despisers." Great comp with only 2 weak bands on it(Post Scriptvm and Ond) 145 years of treachery, brutality, spectacle and debauchery. A rogue's gallery of ancient dictators set to electronic music(Bill)

INCANTATION-Blasphemous Cremation-cd(Necroharmonic)

What we got here is a rough mix recording to the Onward To Golgotha album recorded back in early September of 1991. I believe the original master was erased but not before it was copied on tape because it’s was made available in ceratin circles vis tape trading back in the day. Shit, yours truly has a copy and entertained the idea of ripping the “unmixed” version as Mp3's. Roy over at Necroharmonic saved me the trouble though. Now, while I do love “Onward...” the production on the official release isn’t nearly as heavy as it is on here(imop). Reminding me a lot of how the band sounded live back then(when conditions were right that is). Believe me, I saw Incantation live in 92 in Rhode Island just before the debute came out and they were devastating live! Blasphemous Cremation contains the original recordings of six tracks from Onward To Golgotha; "Rotting Spiritual Embodiment", "Blasphemous Cremation", "Godsend" (which was later renamed "Deliverance Of Horrific Prophecies"), "Profanation", "Christening The Afterbirth" and "Eternal Torture". If that wasn’t enough Five of Blasphemous Cremation’s six tracks are longer than the same songs on Onward To Golgotha with the album consisting of an addition two minutes and eighteen seconds of material. You need this!(Bill)

Falcon-Falcon-(Liquid Flames Records) cd
Cool story about how I got this promo. I scored a Cirith Ungol long sleeve off of E-Bay from original bass player Greg Lindstorm. Got to talking to Greg and mentioned I did a zine and would do love to an interview with himself. Not only did I score a long sleeve tee, and an interview ,Greg also sent me a copy of his new band Falcon debute cd. Falcon is power trio featuring Greg Lindstrom from Cirith Ungol, alongside Perry Grayson from Destiny’s End and Darin McCloskey from Pale Divine. This is straight up 70's hard rock with moments of southern rock groove and Sabbathy doom. ‘Shelob’s Lair’, ‘Route 666 both penned by Linstorm back in the Cirth Ungol day’s make an appearance as does Pentagram’s Bobby Liebling vocals on the track “On The Slab”. The vocal performance leaves a lot to be desired, honestly. The cover of Bang’s “Redman” fits nicely and kicks much ass. Overall, a really good and well played vintage hard rock album. Back in May of 08 a second cd was released called “Die Wontcha”. Hope to pick it up soon(Bill)

MEIN KINDER (self Released) cdr
Epic noise-drone outta of the UK. Really good build up in the tracks. Starting out as harsh noise/industrial and then morphing into more dark ambient moments. Mein Kinder have a load of releases out and a lot of em’ are free downloads at the bands Myspace page (Bill)

Albert Fish is My Hero -The Highway Killer(Dumping Ground) 3" CD
Limited to 17 copies back in 2005! On top of that there’s only one tracking clocking in at 3:39. But damn if this shit aint brutal! Simple yet effective Henry Lee Lucas sample over distorted and minimal harsh textures that have atmospheric dark ambient tendencies. Kind of your basic old school power electronic recording that sounds rough and gruff but thick and hard (Bill) Even though this project is dead Anthony Shaw(aka Albert Fish...) continues on in such projects as Anthony Shaw, Burial Ground, Dream Long Dead, Haemorrhaging Fetus, Teenage Strangler

ONE STARVING DAY-Broken Wings Lead Arms to the Sun-cd (Planaria Recordings)
Italian version of Neurosis mixed with equally parts Pelican, Godspeed You Black Emperor. Post rock/metal with some hardcore, psychedelic influence as well. I’m pretty much burnt out on this genre but for what it’s worth One Starving Day are pretty good at what they do even though bringing nothing new to the table. This cd has been recently been released on vinyl. Info at their Myspace page. (Bill)

Eternal Darkness (Swe) - Total Darkness-cd (Morbid Wrath/Necroharmonic)
Best of/Compilation from this short lived early 90's Swedish death metal band. This collects all the bands demos, ep’s, and unreleashed mini LP. Tracks one through four are from the Ceremony of Doom demo (1991). Track five through eight are from the Suffering demo (1991). Nine and 10 are from the Doomed single (1992). Track 11is previously unreleased. Twelve through 17are from the unreleased Twilight in the Wilderness album (recorded in August 1992). Although from Sweden Eternal doesn’t necessarily have that classic “Swedish sound”. No, I always felt they had more in common, sound wise, with Finish bands like Demilich, and old Sentenced. Throw in the mix some Bolt Thrower as well. Nevertheless classic old school death/doom that should be part of your collection. (Bill)

FATHER BEFOULED-Profano Ad Regnum-cd(Enucleation Records)
Speaking of old school death, Father Befouled reek of old Incantation, Immolation and Morbid Angel. Dark and Sacrilegious death metal structured around an aura of grim filthiness. The music harkens back to the day’s when death metal wasn’t about how fast you played but how heavy your riffs were and how low and disgusting the vocals could be. (Bill)

ARES KINGDOM-Return to Dust-cd(NWN! Productions)
Ahh, the first full length offering from Ares Kingdom! Seriously, how could this not be epic with Chuck and Mike from Order From Choas and Alex and Doug from Nepenthe in it’s ranks. Ripping and thrashing death metal with added ingredients from the NWOBHM. As evident by some truly great riffing all over this album. Really, whats more to add!? Ok, howabout monstrous vocals ala early Morgoth. (Bill)

BIG DEFORMED HEAD-Experimentation With Masturbation Gone Wrong-cd(Sanity Obsolete Records)
Aphex Twin meets Naplam Death meets Crawl/Child meets Melt Banana meets Gore Beyond Necropsy. Something to offer gabber, cybergore, and industrial freaks alike. (Bill)

Since getting this demo this excellent Swedish industrial black metal band has gone on and put out a full length entitled “One Size Fits All” in 2007. I really must track it down because if it’s as good as this demo can bet these guy’s will get a feature interview in an upcoming issue of MF. Though hailing from Sweden Plutonium sounds anything but. To these ears they come across as a mix between Thorns(Nor), Mysticum(Nor) and perhaps a bit of old Manes(Nor). Although Thorns is the clearly the band I hear most that Plutonium resembles. A lot the guitar work and atmosphere reminds me of the old Thorns rehearsal demos with better sound. (Bill)

I believe this is very first Bowel Fetus full length? Though there was a demo and rarities cd before hand that came out on cd. So, anyway...Bowel Fetus. Super thick and deadly slow doom. If Jess Franco played in a band and ripped of Autopsy and Disembowelment this what it would sound like. Total support to Glen whom I’ve been following since the bands inception since 04. The material on the Death Womb Discharge promo is even more killer. The tracks are longer and even manage to be more doomier. Sounds like real drums on the release? I know Jayde from Prolapse Records was suppose to get on board for that!? Worth noting as well on the promo release are covers of the theme from Zombie and Nekromantik. Totally in the doomed Bowel Fetus style! (Bill)
Bowel Fetus PO Box 1424 Toowong, QLD 4068 Australia


Total old school black/death metal. Mixing the best parts from the likes of Profanatica/Havohej, Von, Necrovore, Blasphemy, Incantation and Rotting Christ. With an lyrical and over all atmosphere steeped in Satanism, Occultism, Desecration, and Death Witch Tomb truly evoke darkening negativity. New full length Crippled Messiah out soon(Bill)

BUNKUR VS. MOSS-cd(Forshadow Records)
Bunkur covers Burzum’s Erblicket die Töchter des Firmaments from the 1996 album Filosofem. Moss covers Swans Cop from 1984 album Cop. Seeing as both UK acts are doom acts it may come as a surprise to see and hear them covering songs outside their said genre. I think it was a great idea to do so though and the choices for covers were different. The covers themselves are extremely long and totally doomed out reconstructions but honestly I don’t know if either of the cover songs work? I mean I know both originals well and I really couldn’t tell they were covers. They just sounded like regular Bunkur and Moss tracks to me. I guess that’s the idea though? (Bill)

ANIMAL STEEL "Sleep Forever Blue Face Babe" C-20(Destructive Industries)
Side project of 2DEADSLUTS ONEGOODFUCK member. Interesting mix mash of power electronics, death industrial/ambient, and sampled electronics(minimal and harsh). Repeated listens of the tape I found there is defiantly a direct beginning and end to this tape. A theme if you will. One that tells the story of a descent into madness? Or the trails and tribulations of life and death? Seems to walk the line between both in my opinion. 100 copies are nowSOLD OUT.(Bill)

Richard Ramirez’s harsh bondage gaged noise wall vs. RU-486's grating, raw, sleazy noise attack complete with feedback squawks and treated saturated vocals. Richards side seems more brooding compared to the hostel/violent nature of RU-486. Very good overall balance of sounds from both acts that works well back to back(or side to side if you will). Recommend accompaniment to Phil Leirness 1975 film Story Of O.(Bill)

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