Saturday, November 11, 2006


Methadrone Live From New Jersey 9/24/04

Almost finished with the Methadrone questions. I'll be getting those out to Craig real soon. Also, this passed week I got conformation from Greg Lindstrom original bass player for the legendary heavy metal band Cirith Ungol for an interview! Holy shit indeed. Also just confirmed is Trap Them And Kill Them. Trust me on this one guy's, when their debute cd 'sleepwell deconstructor' comes out early 2007 on Trash Art this will one be of most talked about grindcore albums! Trap a cluster fuck of entombed, tragedy,dismember, black flag, nasum, swans, disfear, terrorizer, comecon, the d-beat, the blast beat, & the rock n' roll. Try to track down their 2002 ltd 3 " CD release.

The ever outstanding ambient drone entity Transcendent Device has a new release out and it's a free download here
Must have listented to it a dozen times already. Great job Todd! Look for a Transcendent Device interview in issue 6.

Transcendent Device Live In Denver 3/10/06

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Methadrone Offical
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Trap Them And Kill Them
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