Monday, November 06, 2006

Speed Metal Hell Weekend...not so much!

When I checked my mail before I left for Boston on saturday afternoon I was greeted with a package from Mark(Impertigo). The re-release of ULTIMO MONDO CANNIBALE(out now on RAZORBACK RECORDS) had reached me! Fuck, I was so psyched. Thanx again Mark. Seemed like things were off to great start for a weekend I was to witness Piledriver, Destructor, Psycho, and Celtic Frost for a second time this year.

Made it to my buddy Devon's place around 5:30. Perfect! We had time to catch a bite to eat and then head over to show which we thought was starting at 8pm. Well, we eat and knocked back some beers and made our way to the show. I knew something was up when we got closer cos I didn't hear shit. Way to quite. Walked to the side entrance and was informed by No Life Jay that the show was over!? "You got to be fucken kidding" I believe what was issued out of Devon's mouth. Nobody was kidding. The show started at 5pm. It was 9:45 according to my cell phone. Destructor had just ended and the show was over. Your probably asking "What about Piledriver". Well, from what I heard Piledriver did show but asked for more money than I guess what was originally agreed apoun!? I also hear one of the memebers of Piledriver was actually punched by the promoter? I can't confirm of deny any of this it just the "word" going around.

So much for that show.

Celtic Frost was again excellent on Sunday night(Nov 5th). The only difference between their setlist this night and when I saw em' in NYC back in Sept was they played Mesmerized instead of Inner Sanctum. Pictures here Return To The Pit

What happen to Sunn 0)))? I thought they had the opening slot along with the horrible Goatwhore. Really, this band is crap.

Time to wrap up. I scanned of an old Impetigo interview with Stevo from 1992. The interview was conducted my my good friend Nihilist(Abazagorath/In Memorium/STAHLMANTEL) for his zine back in the day. Mike, bro, your gonna kill me but I totally forget the name of the zine...sorry! Threw this up here as a tribute to Impetigo and the re-release of ULTIMO MONDO CANNIBALE. Enjoy! I hope for alot, you are seeing this interview for the first time.

STAHLMANTEL-"Deadsick" 2006 mp3

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