Thursday, March 15, 2007


The interview Stevo(Impetigo) is from 1998. I found Stevo's email address online somewhere and dropped him a line. I think I actually got in touch with Stevo in 1997 but I believe he moved that same year and we lost touch for about a year. This interview was suppose to go into the second issue of my old zine Children Of Caine.

The SAD X interview was from 1993. This was one of the first interviews I sent out when I decided I was going to do a zine back then. This was suppose to go into C.O.C. 1. I have no idea why I didn't print it back then? I remember ordering the Magnus on LP from Relapse that year and I was blown away. For sure one of my all time fave's. I was psyched when I got this interview back cos the SAD X guy's actually sent me some live pix from one of their shows. Not copies but real full color pix. I used em' as backgrounds for interview. I also got a big gig flyer for a Halloween show they played around the same time and a offical promo cassette with a couple tracks from The Magnus LP. I was told it was limited and pretty rare.

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