Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Random Shit...MDF 07

Fuck, the middle of June already and my first blog for the month. I gotta start posting more regularly. Seems to be once a month at this point. I'll be scanning of contents of MF 4 very soon.

Attended MDF 07 a few weeks back. It was cool. Though I really regret drinking one too many Long Island Iceteas on friday night. Somehow my buddy Devon and I stumpled 2 blocks to the club(Sonar) for the pre-fest. I have no idea who we saw play. I would of liked to see Insect Warfare though. Maybe we did? I remember hooking up with friends. Cheers Rob for the drinks and shots! Devon said I gave some random guy on the street $2 cos I thought he was homeless? I friggen don't remember that all!? Our hotel was filled to the brim with Lacrosse players. That was kinda retarded. They loved the black hookers outside! Woke up the next day(sat) hungover. I thought about not even make it over to the club till evening but I sucked it up and off we went. Wanted to make it for Nun Whore Commando 666 at 3:00pm. Didn't happen though. I believe Skitsystem was on when we walked in. I was bored with them after 3 songs. I however was not bored by the likes of CBT, Rotten Sound, General Surgery, Extreme Noise Terror. All playing killer sets. Brutal Truth was a let down. I was really looking forward to seeing em'. They played sloppy and they had crappy sound. Drums were way too loud. Good to see Timpaler, Alex(Cliteater), Roy(Necroharmonic), Bridgett, Rob, John Dwyer, Serge, lexi, Damon Bloodstorm, the guy from Texas with the Necrovore t-shirt, the dude in the parking lot that was into cool noise/power electronics, and doom, and especially Josh(Widow) and his girl Rachel. Wanted to do the after party thing but needed to crash. Sunday rolls around and I felt 100% better. Walked into the club and caught Retaliation. Skipped out on Misery Index and Ghoul. Had to eat and get more Long Island Iceteas! Made it back in time to catch Birdflesh. Excellent set! Followed by a strong set from Cripple Bastards. Lot's of energy from these guy's. Gut came on next. They played well enough and did alot of old stuff. So happy for that. Had some chicks on stage showing the booty. Even threw out beers and glowsticks to the audience. It was all in drunken fun. Really silly shit. I know there's shit going around that a few altercations took place involving Gut members and friends of theirs on and off the stage. Don't bother asking me though, cos I didn't see or hear of anything go down. I read about the supposive incidents a few day's later after the fest on various message boards. Anyway...Dead Infection. Yeah, I so looking foward to their set. What can I say...brutal! A bit too much bass but they were heavy and tight. Got pretty close to the stage for a few tunes. Loud! I can't tell ya how Malevolent or Zyklon were as Devon was asked to leave. No, I'm not kidding. The security hassled him about taking pix on stage. Words were exchanged and Devon was tossed. Oh well, shit happens. All in all I had a pretty good time. Not as much as previous years. Probably due to the fact that I felt like shit on sat due to a bit too much partying on fri night. Not gonna do that shit again. Rob and Sjors you guy's were missed! Till next year...

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