Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Cool zines, cd's, dvd's, and videos...

A Cry From The Crypt Fanzine A Cry From The Crypt Fanzine Myspace
Liquid Cheese Fanzine Liquid Cheese Fanzine Myspace
Terror Fanzine Terror Fanzine

Bongripper Hippie Killer cd
Death Breath Let It Sink ep cd
Nox Ixaxaar cd
Transcendent Device Within Her Black Caress cd
Mania "Isolation is Lonely Murder" tape
Ozzy Osbourne-Various tracks(up until the No More Tears album)
Malevolent Creation-The Ten Commandments cd
V.A. - Hellas (The black death anthology 1989 - 2006) 2CD

Hellas: The Black Death Anthology (1989-2006)
"Gathering rare and exclusive material from the early days of Greek Black Metal on an official double cd." CD1: 1 Kawir - Sin the blazing queen 2 Zephyrous - Hidden away from the sun 3 Rotting christ - The hills of crucifixion 4 Nergal - In the name of nergal 5 Varathron - Necranastasis 6 Death courier - Lunatic messiah 7 Disharmony - Act omega 8 Macabre omen - We won with war 9 Sarcastic terror - Infernal hatred 10 Deviser - Into his unknown 11 Obsecration - Sadness contemplates ones past life 12 Order of the ebon hand - Spirits of the undead 13 Septic flesh - Erebus 14 Twilight - Arising thy horned one htao terces eht 15 Nocternity - Harps of the ancient temples

1 Necromantia - Lord of the abyss 2 Zemial - Sleeping under tartarus 3 Cthonium - Infernals forethought 4 Dreamers Seal - Descent into plutos kingdom 5 Thou Art Lord - In blood we trust 6 Rex Infernus - Dii te ament satan 7 Agatus - Sodomizing bloodshed under a frozen blaze of catachtonian land 8 Nightfall - For my soul when the darkness falls into 9 Horrified - Seperial dominion 10 The One - Untitled 11 Lemegethon - Demonic hellhounds 12 Legion of Doom - Ancient knowledge 13 Mortify - Paroxysm 14 Nocturnal Death - Cries behind the golden walls 15 Sadistic Noise - The crush of heaven Download links (rapidshare):

Bloody Panda Pheromone cd

Bloody Panda live in CT back in April.

Evilenko DVD

Mad Mission DVD

Suspended Animation DVD

Race With The Devil DVD

Angst(1983) DVD

Ape(1976) DVD

In tribute to Marco(Atrax Morgue) 1970-2007

Marco Carbelli took his own life 5/6/07

Old School Finnish Death Metal Tribute!

Pestilence-Out OF The Body. Not sure if this was an offical video or not? Fuck, why doesn't death metal sound like this nowady's. You don't need blast beats to be brutal!

One of my favorite albums of all time turned 25 this year. Christians Death's "Only Theatre Of Pain"

Swans! So many bands are still trying to play ctach up with em'.

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