Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Some of this, some of that...

First up, news on MF 6. I just got back the first half of theJohn Gelso interview(of Profanatica fame). Waiting on Paul Ledney's half. Finally the Profanatica full lenght is now out! It only took 15 years! Profanatitas De Domonatia is available from
Hell's Headbanger
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The new Havohej is also recorded. Paul was kind enough to hook me up with an advance and it's crushing! Be it I do like the new Profanatica alot I do however feel the Havohej destroys it! The black destructive noise rumble is back. Should be out very soon. On Hells Headbangers I believe.
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The Methadrone interview should be back to very soon. Got an email from Craig Pillard last week. He mentioned last month's
Milwalkee Metal Fest gig where he did vocals on 3 old tracks 'Golgatha', 'Ibex Moon' and 'Profanation' live together with Jim Roe on drums, Alex Bouks(Goreaphobia) on bass, and John M. Gutar/Vox was a joke but had fun performing. The new Evoken cd 'A Caress of the Void' that Craig plays bass on still needs to be mastered and then it's off to the label I Hate Records. Out in a couple months if all goes well. As for Meth, Craig just need to finish vocals for 5 songs then its a label hunt for that.
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CORPSE MOLESTATION, BESTIAL WARLUST, ABOMINATOR, KUTABARE aaaarrrrgghhhhhh! Damon Bloostorm has helmed the vocal duties for all these incredible and influential bands through out the early 90's till present day. Damon has a new bands called Cemetery Urn. Hear about that and other things in an exclusive interview for MF 6.
Damon Bloodstorm Myspace

I'm thinking about hitting up Your Kids On Fire, Diskord, and or Anatomia to round out the death/grind interviews. As for p.e./noise I was gonna try Insitute, Gelosomina. Storm.ec, Sewer Goddes, Mania/Taint, and a few other lesser known acts that have sent me stuff for review. I'll have to narrow it down. I'll keep you updated.
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Anybody remember this movie? Or perhaps have even seen this1978 horror film?

Here's a few reviews from imbd:

"BLOODSTALKERS is a pretty cool film about two vacationing couples who encounter some backwoods psychos. If S.F. Brownrigg had directed the TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE, we would get something similar to BLOODSTALKERS. It not a masterpiece, but it well worth seeing. The slow motion scene near the end, where the "hero" is running through water as the gospel music is playing, is really something to behold"

" BLOOD STALKERS is a small dramatic movie with horror overtones. The body count is high and there's some on-screen violence and gore but the script is more concern with Mike (Jerry Albert)'s fragile psychological well being than scaring or grossing out the viewer. The film ain't bad but it's not stellar too. For instance, the three hicks, who keep fighting with each other, and the old man who runs the gas station, look more like cartoon characters than real people living in the backwoods. As for the good guys, Ken Miller is a strange actor, if you know what I mean. Jerry Albert is also an odd looking fellow. One rarely sees his average type of face in today's films, which, when you think about it, is unfortunate. The two women are buxom and don't make fools of themselves (a rarity in these types of films). The actors are okay in their roles but their characters are pretty limited. The cinematography is at times pretty good.

The worst thing in BLOOD STALKERS is the music. The soundtrack actually nullifies all attempts at suspense or empathy towards the characters with its terrible TV-like generic music. Had the music been better and the gruesome foursome had been a bit more believable, BLOOD STALKERS would have been fairly good. As it is now, BLOOD STALKER is okay, nothing more"

Alright, so why did I bring up Bloodstalkers? Well, smartass I got ahold of the director Robert W. Morgan for an interview in MF 6. Let me tell ya, Robert is a hella of a nice guy. Not only did he agree to the interview he also sent me a signed copy of the Bloodstalkers DVD. Robert is quite the character. He even was the announcer for the 1980's tv show Solid Gold. Check out Robert's offical website
True Seekers Robert is a real life Bigfoot hunter!!! If you'd a copy of the Bloodstalkers you can get the info here Bloodstalkers DVD The dvd quality is not great, seems to be taken from the old vhs tape? Just a heads up. No extras as well.

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