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The American Movie Classic channel started their 10th anniversity monster fest 11am on Sunday Oct 22 running right through Halloween night. Ok, I know it's AMC and the shit they show is cut but what what hell is else on tv!? Granted like most of you I watch dvd's but it's a nice change of pace. I glanced at the schedule real quick and I saw the likes of Nightmare On Elm Street, Psycho, Lost Boy's, Halloween, Godzilla, and a whole host of classic Universal Horror(Frankenstien, Dracula, The Mummy ) movies lined up for the 9 day's. Check out AMC's site

This weekend at the at the Coolidge Corner Theatre in Boston Ma:

Sat, Oct 28 starting @ midnite
13 grueling hours of terror!

$20 / special midnite double feature ticket only $10

Back from the grave, it's the all-night Halloween Horror Marathon! Steel your nerves, load up on candy corn and coffee for this 13-hour journey into GRUELING TERROR! From the witching hour of midnite Saturday, Oct 28 until the harsh light of noon Sunday, Oct 29 we'll screen six horror classics guaranteed to make your hair stand on end, your knuckles go white, and your eyeballs ache. From sadistic slashers, to monsters from beyond, to post-apocalyptic zombies, to blood sucking vamps, we've put together a program to satisfy all your fiendish horror cravings. Plus, chilling shorts and trailers, dreadful prizes for best costumes, and ghoulish surprises!

Complete lineup in order -- all films on 35mm, not from DVD!

LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT - 1972, dir. Wes Craven, 1h24m
Before Freddy's nightmares... before even the hills had eyes... Wes Craven scared -- nay, disturbed -- the bejesus out of us with this brutal slasher/revenge story. Hell hath no fury like grieving parents exacting their revenge on the sickos who kidnapped and murdered their daughters after a rock concert... As its legendary tagline warns, "To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'"

EQUINOX - 1970, dir. Jack Woods, 1h20m
Things go weird for a group of carefree teenagers on a mountain picnic when they run into a creepy old scientist who's been conjuring monsters from an ancient book bound in human skin. Yes, THAT book bound in human skin. No doubt the inspiration for Sam Raimi's cult classic EVIL DEAD, this long overlooked sci-fi horror gem also features early special effects work by Dennis Muren, who went on to win a bunch of Academy Awards for his work on STAR WARS, E.T. and TERMINATOR. Plus, Frank Boers, Jr, aka Herb from WKRP in Cincinnati and "Supernatural" Color by De Luxe!

NIGHT OF THE COMET- 1984, dir. Thom Eberhardt, 1h35m
Scores of post-apocalypse films came out of the '80s but few were as good as NIGHT OF THE COMET. Two high school girls wake up one morning and find that almost everyone else in Los Angles has been turned to dust by a comet that passed through the earth's atmosphere. Well, everyone except some zombie survivors, a radio deejay, and some scientists living in a secret underground government installation. Did we mention one of the girls survives because she spent the night in a movie theater projection booth? Spooky.

VAMPIRE CIRCUS - 1972, dir. Robert William Young, 1h24m
Come one, come all to the greatest blood-show on earth! When this circus comes to town, creepy clowns and carnys running afoul are the least of the villagers worries in this campy Hammer horror romp. Turns out the members of this troupe are ALL blood-sucking freaks!

THE GATE - 1987, dir. Tibor Tak√°cs, 1h25m
When an old tree is removed from their backyard two teenagers find something odd: a giant hole that turns out to be a gateway for evil nasties to pass from their world into ours. In fact, we're pretty sure that's how the film's star Stephen Dorf made it here.

NEAR DARK - 1987, dir. Kathryn Bigelow, 1h35m
Just when you're praying for daylight, we'll end our marathon with this horror/western/action cult fave about a young cowboy who unwittingly becomes a vampire after receiving the old eternal blood kiss from the strange new gal in town. As he slowly makes the turn from farm boy to creature of the night, he reluctantly trades his spurs for fangs and joins her "family," a marauding pack of blood suckers on an endless search for food and a dark place to hide.


Your's truly will be at this event! I'm gonna document it for MF 6. In-depth write up's and plenty of pictures.


GORE-From Second Side. Killer Czech grindcore! This is their new one.
Morbid Saint-Spectrum Of Death.Underrated thrash from the mid 80's. Total Dark Angel and Kreator feel.
Eternal Majesty-Wounds Of Hatred And Slavery. Really good French black metal.
Candlemass- Ancient Dreams. One of my fave doom albums ever!
Rotting Christ- Non Serviam. Sadly never got
the attention it so deserves. 1994's follow up to They Mighty Contract. The production ceratinly could of been better plus it can out on the notorious Unisound Records. Over looking those 2 aspects this album is filled to the brim with excellent songs and memorable riffs. Perhaps the last true black metal record from these greek's. I haven't liked em' since signing to Century Media!
Cianide-The Dying Truth. Death/doom from 1992! Don't make it like this anymore. Tell me the likes of Winter, Hellhammer, and Celtic Frost weren't an influence on this classic. One of my all time favorite bands and albums from the early 90's. Still going strong too! Cianide kills.
SewerGoddess-The Dirt Behind the Daydream (demo). So what do get when you mix Psychosadistic Haterapist, Manes (demos), Mordor, Whitehouse, Nicole 12, early S.P.K, Con-Dom, Brighter Death Now, BrainBombs, physical and social degeneration, true crime, urban terrorism? You get the awesome SewerGoddess demo. Look for the review in MF 6.
Clestial Season-Forever Scarlet Passion. In 1993 C.S. came o
ut with this really good gothic doom death debut. No doubt influenced by the first couple of My Dying Bridge releases. I think it still holds it's own. I'm sure this is way out of print but one worth tracking down.

CIANIDE circa 1991! Did you know I was on the thanx list on 1994's release A Descent Into Hell!? Well, I was. See if you can find me.

The UNISOUND version! I'm pretty sure sombody re-released recently?


Cool Reads:

Cineama Sewer #19- Shameless Cinema Sleaze. The best film zine around!


Dead World #5-Yes sir, I was a big fan of the original series.There's been alot of not so hot attempts to revive the series. I'm happy to report though with this new series out through Image Comics they finally got it right. Original writer Gary Reed is on board and covers by original penciler Vince Locke!


Warren Ellis Blackgas #3-Zombies!!! Way gory. See write up and covers at Avatar Press.


Fell #5
-More Ellis! Fell is Warren Ellis's ongoing experiment with the comics format, an attempt to tell complete stories in single issues that sell for $1.99 US and don't leave you feeling like you got less than your money's worth. So far all the stories have been gripping and meaty, with brutal and shocking twist endings. By far my fave comic at the moment.


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