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Upcomming MF 6 Interviews.

Chuck Keller(OFC) live from the Wetlands NYC 1995. Letter from Pete Helmkamp(OFC) 7/25/1995.

One of the best US death/thrash/black metal bands from the late 80's till the mid 90's was Order From Chaos. Man, I loved those guy’s! I was lucky enough to catch em’ live 2x during the mid 90's.OFC were ahead of their time both musically and conceptually. OFC influence can be heard today especially in the “War Metal” genre. Spawning bands like Bestial Warlust, Conqueror, Axis Of Advance, and Revenge. Well, former OFC members Chuck Keller and Mike Miller have since gone on to form Ares Kingdom after the split of OFC. The Ares Kingdom debut “Return To Dust” is now out and let me tell you it’s been getting a lot of play around here...unrelenting Infernal Thrashing Death Metal!

I just sent an interview over to Chu
ck for MF 6.

More info on Ares Kingdom can be found at

I also wanted to point out that bassist/vocalist Alex Blume was a member of the rather obscure early 90's death/black metal band Nepenthe. Nepenthe hailed form the same state(Kansas) as OFC and certainly was an influenece on the Nepenthe sound. Track down Nepenthe’s awesome 1993 debut demo ‘The Conqueror Worm” and see if you agree.

Nepenthe Discography:

The Conqueror Worm Demo,1993
Ligeia Single, 1995

Live at Howard's Demo,1995
In Death Overshadow Thee advance EP, 1997

Changed their name to Ligeia
in 1996.

Original ad for Nepenthe's 1993 demo "The Conqueror Worm"

Torche blew me away with their debut that came out at the end of 05. HEAVY shit! Think Black Sabbath, Hellhammer, and Melvins. After seeing them live(ear’s ringing for 2 day’s) at CBGB’s earlier this summer I knew I had get em’ in MF 6. I got the interview back from frontman Steve a few months back. Guy’s a total death/thrash fanatic! An Autopsy fan at that too!

Fucken Axegrinder! How many of you old farts out there remember buying the Prophecy Of Doom/Axegrinder split back in the day? I still have my cassette! Axegrinder played music heavily influenced by Amebix, and other crust/punk rock bands that had been experimenting with metal riffs and sounds. I alway’s t
hought they had a Bolt Thrower vibe about them which is probably why when grindcore and death metal became more popular they seemed to find their audience. I’ve been a big fan since the early 90's and was psyched to find a Myspace page for the band. Lo and behold I’m on the page and stumble across a comment from another Axegrinder fan by the name of Chris Eagan. Chris mentions he has an unpublished interview with Axegrinder from 1989. Holy fuck! Well, I got ahold of Chris and the rest is history cos Chris was cool enough to grant me permission to finally print the interview in MF 6. Mondo Thanks to Chris Eagan of (now defunct) 'Wake Up or Die!' 'zine & 'Desperate Attempt Records'.

Although not as nearly old a
s the Axegrinder interview is the one with Marco of Atrax Morgue fame that I’ve been sitting on since 96. My good friend Todd from the excellent Transcendent Device/Marspiter projects conducted the interview with Marco. Todd befriended Marco while both where in NYC. Marco had come to states to play a show with Bloodyminded, and Deathpile(which Todd was part of at that time). Cool interview in which Marco talks about an operation he had just undergone at the time and the nurse who cared for him.

So there you have it
Ares Kingdom, Torche, Axegrinder, and Atrax Morgue thus far in MF 6. Plenty more to come!

Listen up. All pictures and artwork are the real deal from my personal collection. I have no problem sharing but for godsakes ask first!

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