Monday, October 30, 2006

Interviews from Mental Funeral #1

Here's a select few interviews from MF 1. Originally MF was suppose to be nothing more than a newsletter/mini-zine cos I still had plans to continue on with Children Of Caine zine. I did 2 issues under the C.O.C. name and had a 3rd ready to go before I pulled the plug and decided to go with MF as my main zine. I have alot of interviews that never got published in C.O.C. Some have shown up in MF and I'll probably add some to this blogsite. Anyway, enjoy the interviews with Warsore, ATM, and Mermaid In A Manhole from MF 1. Warsore has called it day, ATM is still going I think?(can't find Ryan's Mypace page!?), and I'm willing to bet Mermaid In A Manhole is dead too? Anybody confirm?

MF 1 front cover and inside front cover. Released 11/22/2000


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