Friday, October 20, 2006

The Good And Bad News.

"Where is the fuck is issue #6". I know that's what on the minds of the MF zine faithful. Yup, it's been over 2 years since I put out issue 5. I've been saying "It'll come out this year" for how long now? What can I say? I've been lazy, unmotivated, and easily distracted by friends/family/school and work. What's worse is MF 6 is nowhere near complete. I've only done 2 interviews. How cool is that. Pretty bad, eh? Well, I need get my ass in gear and start working on MF 6 hardcore. I suddenly have the "itch" again to dive right into the whole process. Good news, huh? I think so too. I figure if I start tackling MF 6 this fall and work on it through the majority of the winter I should have the end product out by early 07. Probably more like springtime though. MF is staying a print zine by the way. And I repeat "MF will stay a print zine".

Now, as far as the purpose of setting up this blog. MF needs a better cyber outlet other then the Myspace page( Once I get the hang of Blogger I'll be uploading older reviews, interviews(from the sold out first 4 issue) and tons of pictures. I'm talking mainly my own personal pictures I've taken at various concerts(past and present), film conventions, wrestling events etc etc. What ever the fuck I want and feel like sharing. I would also like to have this blog updated with progress on MF 6. Probably share with you some info on cool bands, dvd's, websites, concert links, comics etc. Hell, maybe I'll even share some personal and unrelated zine shit with you guy's. Maybe???

Anyway, since Halloween season is here I thought I'd leave you with this priceless ad mat...enjoy!

until next posting....

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